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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Card

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday Season.

We’re gearing up for closing on our house, as of now scheduled for January 15th, 2014!I can’t wait, and I really can’t even believe it right now.

Tonight, we made sugar cookies, peppermint bark, and two kinds of rice crispy treats to give as small gifts during the celebration tomorrow with our extended family.  We bought zero Christmas gifts this year. However, we are planning quite a few purchases early in the early in the year due to buying the house.

I need a new chair, an entertainment center, a lawn mower, two new bedroom suites, and so much more. Plus, we’re going to buy a truck too. I plan to furnish the house by going to estate sales every week for the next year, plus my husband is good with woodworking so he’ll be building some important pieces of furniture as well — at least once he gets new tools.

So yea, I think we got plenty for Christmas even if it’s not on the day.

Plus Christmas isn’t really about gifts anyway, is it? To me it’s about family and spending time with loved ones over material things. Of course, gifts are always fun, and next year we’ll have a big holiday in our new house!

I really just wanted to tell you all Merry Christmas before I finally hit the sheets. I have to get up in just a few hours to cook a few dishes, then we’ll drive to Grandma’s house. Only one of my children is home this year for the holidays. Faye is the “baby” and she’ll be 20 years old on the 27th.But, maybe due to the lateness (or is it early) of the hour I’m feeling nostalgic?

I just keep thinking:

How time flies! Time goes by so fast with kids.

If you’ve had a struggle finding time to work due to your kids, if you’ve had a child like I did with my daughter Alexandria — she would literally cry every time I started walking in the general direction of the computer during her 2nd into her 3rd year of life. Back then it was so frustrating to me. But, I really did not see myself someday having her living in California while I’m living in Alabama. I really didn’t envision her as an adult ever. I thought I’d forever be covered in baby poop, snot, and be trying to sweep up cracker crumbs minutes after vacuuming.I always pictured my children with me forever. Never growing up.

As an empty nester, please let me give you this advice: Take a few minutes to really live in the moment during the holiday.  (and really, any day) Because, before you know it, they’ll all be married, away in school, or working in a state 1500 miles away. I know you have to work, but once in a while, when your child interrupts you, let that simply be a reminder of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not actually sad and forlorn empty nester. Not at all. I’m proud that I raised intelligent and independent young women. I would like to think my example taught them to go after what the wanted in life. I’d like to think they learned something about work ethic from me. But, I hope I also taught them to enjoy the little moments and to always remember what’s truly important. Always remember why you do whatever it is that you do.

Family. Friends. Love.

That’s what’s really important. All year long.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!



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