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Marketing Yourself as a Virtual Assistant

Whether you are just starting out as a virtual assistant, or you have been in the business for a while and you need more clients, it is about marketing yourself correctly.  Part of your marketing efforts will be used like a job interview, especially if they are elements that you are offering to do for your clients.

Social Media – Are you promoting yourself via the various social media sites? If you offer to create Facebook pages, does yours show off the skills that you have and what you can do for clients?

Websites – Are you creating websites for customers?  Are you showing them a variety of skills that you have?  While some of the things you are capable of may not be appropriate on your website, see if previous clients will let you link to their sites, especially if you have done something amazing or unique for them.  You could also create some extra pages on your site to show off these skills.

Writing – If you offer writing skills, can you point your customers to various articles you have written and show that you are capable of writing a coherent sentence?

Referrals – Do you have referrals from happy clients on your site?

Up to date – Make sure all the tools that you are using are up to date and current.  Its fine to have a Twitter account, but if you have not posted anything to it for a few months, it may not look good to clients.

When you are a virtual assistant, many of the activities you engage in will help potential clients determine if they want to hire you.  If you offer a certain skill, make sure you are using it in your business to show clients you can actually do it.

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