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Marketing your virtual assistance business can be fun

Marketing your VA business doesn’t have to be boring. In fact the very best way to market your business is via social media such as:

Blogging — Create a blog on your VA site where you can talk about things that you do for people. Keep it focused on your business and your niche but make it interesting so that the visitor gets a good idea of what it is that you can do for them.

Article Marketing — Write articles about various tasks that a virtual assistant can do for a client, make them general in nature and the post them on various article marketing sites such as Your authors bio will lead visitors back to your VA site and hopefully you’ll get a client or two.

Social Networking — Join clubs, groups, and participate in events that have to do with your industry but also go where your client lives. If your niche as a Virtual Assistant is to service authors, go where authors hang out to offer your services. Don’t be abrupt but do mention what you do when asked or given the opportunity.

None of these marketing ideas are hard to do, and they all, over time will pay off.

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