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Marketing Your VA Business:

marketingstrategyIf you want to market your virtual assistant business a great way to accomplish this is to build an excellent profile. is like a grown up more buttoned up version of Facebook.

Use The Free Version of

The sign up process is free and easy and you really don’t need the upgraded version for a long time if ever. As a Virtual Assistant you can only accept so many clients on your roster at any given time so it’s doubtful you’ll need, at this time anyway, the powerful features the paid version of offers. You’ll need to determine that later.

Be Very Professional on Using a Great Head-Shot

Set up your account in a very professional manner. Use the best head-shot you have of yourself, and if you can afford to, have a professional head-shot taken.

But if you can’t afford it, just be very careful and take a good picture of yourself using your Web-cam, or ask someone else to take it of you using your phone or camera. Be aware of what is going on in the background too. This is a time to showcase yourself in the most professional way you can muster.

Showcase Your Work As a Virtual Assistant

Now, that you have a headshot go through all the work you’ve done that you’re allowed to share. Remember that you do have to stick to client confidentiality. Some clients you work for will not allow you to share the work you’ve done for them. Therefore, you can create examples of work that you can do. For instance, if you claim to be an expert in WordPress, create a sample WordPress website complete with domain name etc. It’s not a waste because you can use this site to practice everything you do for others on yourself and potentially earn some residual income doing it.

If you are a social media marketing Virtual Assistant, you’ll need to showcase examples of that work too. You can create how-to videos, demonstrations of what social media marketing can do. If you don’t have too many actual examples you can do a case study on other businesses and interview them on how they used social media to get more customers and make more sales. A nice video introduction on is another way to use the video links and uploads that you can have there.

Try to Keep Your Profile Relevant to The Positions You Want

Fill up the entire profile with relevant experience and information to what you want to do now. Take a look at how my profile is set up. It’s not done yet, it’s never done, as I need videos and slide-share shows. But the way I have set it up looks really good and is a good example of how to use the most of to create a good profile and showcase your work. Notice that on your name is the largest font, then under it you have the chance to write what you do. I highly suggest highlighting the words the same way I did.

On you can switch around what people see in your profile to some degree. I suggest if you have a video intro to move it up as close to your profile header as possible. If possible don’t leave blanks and make it a priority to get your profile filled out.

Ask For Recommendations Personally

For each job you add, try to ask someone you worked with to give you a recommendation. Don’t send the templates auto generated request, instead personalize it and remind them exactly what you did so that you can get the best recommendation possible. If you look back at almost any job you’ve had, whether work at home or an outside job you can usually find one thing you did that relates to what you want to do now. If you can’t, at least for these purposes, leave it off.

Create a List of Improvements You Want to Make

Once you’ve filled out your profile as completely as you can for today, make a list of the things you need to accomplish to make your profile better such as adding a slide share show, or a video. It’s up to you but create a list, and then make sure you give yourself a deadline, and to-do tasks within your project management system so that it actually gets done if that is your intentions. Intentions are great, but actions are always better to get you where you want to be in your Virtual Assistant business.

Make Appropriate Connections

Now that you’ve finished for now, start finding people to connect with. On try to connect only with professional people if possible. This is not a place to share baby pictures, or exclaim about how your doggie doodied in the right spot today. This is for only professional updates so you want to keep your connections as professional as possible. Once you’ve connected with each person than you can you’re ready to add buttons to your website and all your blogs. Also, add it to your email signature, and business card.

Join Groups Strategically

Finally, to get leads on it’s time to join some groups. Only join a few groups at a time because one of the keys to getting recommendations and jobs via is to interact with the groups just like you would on any discussion forum. To be professional, and not spam anyone. Share important information, content, and updates that are business related on You’ll find that having this handy Internet Resume is going to help you land a lot of jobs with clients. Join groups that your potential clients join, rather than groups of other virtual assistants. While it’s great to have water-cooler chat, it’s better to get more clients.

If you need more expert advice on how to attract clients check this out:Expert Advice: How to Attract New Clients

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  1. You know, I really should pay more attention to LinkedIn. I’ve had a couple of clients find me there (through no fault of my own, I must say). Who knows what might happen if I actually made an effort to improve my profile and visibility over there?

    Thanks for the reminder and great tips!
    Cindy recently posted..WordPress Automatic Updates? Yikes!My Profile

    • By far has been one of the best things I ever got involved in terms of Social Media. I’m not really that active on it, but I think my profile helps a lot. People often comment to me about my profile very positively. 🙂

  2. I’ve been wanting to pay more attention to LinkedIn lately, so your post is perfect timing for me! My brain is too shot to absorb right now, though. Heh. Emailing it to myself to read when I’m more “with it.”
    Lisa Marie Mary recently posted..Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” Parody AND CoverMy Profile

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