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Marketing Your VA Business — Building a Mailing List

marketingstrategyLast time we talked about getting to know your target audience. This week I want to talk to you about building a mailing list. A mailing list is an important element in marketing your Virtual Assistant business. If you don’t know what I mean by a mailing list, look up to the right of this blog post and you’ll see a sign up for my newsletter via Aweber.

Email Marketing is Inexpensive

Aweber is the easiest, least expensive and best email marketing software you can buy. They have more features, higher delivery rates, and are simply better than the other services. At least in my opinion. I’ve tried them all and I find that when I need something to work, it’s better to stick with Aweber. Anyway, the point is, no matter what type of business you have you definitely need to create a newsletter so that you can collect email addresses to form a mailing list.

If you notice, I offer a free give away with my newsletter. But, you don’t have to. You can instead offer to keep people up to date on sales, or give them tips, or even deliver a mini-ecourse to them. It’s up o you how you do it, but you need to collect their information. Once you collect your visitors’ information it’s important that you follow through on what you’ve promised them.

A Highly Targeted Email List Pays Off

Building a highly targeted list of customers and potential customers will give both you and your subscribers benefits. While you will be able to connect with your target audience easier, they will also be first in line for the information that you share with others. They’ll get notified via your newsletter about whatever you choose to tell them about from new informative blog posts, to “subscribers only” offers, and more.

A Mailing List Can Establish Your Expertise

A mailing list can also be used to further establish yourself as an expert in your niche. You’ll be able to keep your audience interested with regular updates, answers to questions from your audience, and more.  The truth is, having a targeted email list is a little like having the ability to give yourself a bonus each time you send out a message to your audience. As a virtual assistant you can notify those on your mailing list of openings in your schedule, new services that you offer, and even (with your clients’ permission of course) point them to what you’re working on right now.

Even with the recent changes that email systems like Gmail have established with the creation of tabs, you can reach your audience best with a reliable auto-responder service like Aweber. What’s more, you can automate most of it. Create 52 “evergreen” emails that will go out to your new subscribers, one a week giving them tips about how to benefit from your expertise. For instance, if your Virtual Assistant specialization is webinar managing and promoting you can give tips on how to organize a webinar, how to present in a webinar, how to get people to attend your webinar and more.

Don’t worry about “giving away the farm” either. Yes, some people will learn from you and do it all themselves. But other people will value your expertise and hire you because you’ve shown them by your actions that you know what you’re talking about and that if they hire you they’ll have a profitable and successful webinar.

Start Your Mailing List Today

If you don’t have a mailing list, start one today. It’s not hard. You just go to Aweber, and follow their tutorials. Alternatively you can also hire a Virtual Assistant to set it up for you. But, however you do it, get it done, get it done as soon as possible, because every day that goes by that you’re not collecting your website visitors’ information, is literally money going right down the drain.

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