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Managing and Organizing Clients

How do you manage your clients?

What is your system for keeping organized?

I use a program called Central Desktop and I love it. Although I will admit that not all of my clients are excited about using it. Some of my clients LOVE it, some HATE it Рat first.  But I insist upon using it anyway because I know how emails can be lost, computers can crash, and things can just get really unorganized very quickly.

If you work for more than one client, it is imperative to keep each “job” separate in both mind and actions so that you can better track your time and efforts in the quickest more organized way possible.

A service like Central Desktop can work wonders for you. I know that I save many hours hunting through lost emails, spend less on paper (from printing things I don’t need to print), and I have more hair because I am not pulling it out trying to keep my clients organized. Once my clients get used to using the system, they end up being thankful for it.

When someone hires a Virtual Assistant oftentimes they underestimate the work involved, initially, in hiring a Virtual Assistant. It points out to them how unorganized they are, and sometimes the client will become overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to turn over these unorganized tasks to someone else, and give up.  Then you end up losing a client.

You can help your clients by taking charge from the moment you are hired. Lead the way to being organized, stay calm, be encouraging, and give them some leeway while they get organized enough to turn these tasks over to you. If you seem put off, or nervous, or unorganized yourself you won’t foster the trust of your client. Having a way to organize such as Central Desktop will go a long way in reassuring your clients that you are their partner and you are in charge of and on top of organizing yourself and them.

You can try it free.

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