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Lightening Strikes, seriously — What to do when bad weather strikes

picture of lighteningA week ago I was knocked off line due to a lightening strike. We have several computers and all of them had something wrong with them.

I used my cell phone to accomplish an early Monday morning meeting via Skype, as well as to send emails to people to update them on my issue. I called the cable company to schedule a repair and set out to try to find a way to get some work done.

Thankfully I had all my work in Dropbox. Once again Dropbox saved me for the most part. I was really only “down” Monday because I take Tue./Wed./ Thurs. off work each week. But it’s amazing how something like this can put you behind for a few days. Everything was repaired by Wednesday afternoon and I’ve worked non stop since then to catch up.

Thankfully, the Tornadoes in April and May of 2011 taught me a huge lesson about bad weather, deadlines, and being prepared.

If you don’t have most of your business apps in the cloud yet, then I highly advise you to consider it. Get a service like Dropbox to keep client files and information, or a project management system like Central Desktop, and a backup service like Mozy.

If you ensure that you have these types of services you’ll be able to get right back to work as soon as you replace your equipment and have Internet access. You won’t have to be down for long if you’re ready and have a plan. Another thing to consider is using email services that enable you to check your email online as well instead of having to download it directly to your computer. I’m not sure what I would have done if I was unable to check my email via my cell phone.

After this experience I think my next purchase will be an iPad or some sort of tablet computer because if I had that, and it wasn’t destroyed by lightening during charging, I would have been able to not miss one beat during the down time after the lightening strike.

So what I want to know is, do you have a backup plan? What would you do if right this second your computer stopped working?

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  1. I understand what you mean. We just had a bad typhoon here and I was really glad that I have a backup plan in place — I have a netbook and a mobile Internet modem with a postpaid plan that I can use should there be a brownout in my area. I keep the netbook’s battery fully charged.

    I also have the contact number of my clients in my cell phone to contact them in case a major calamity occurs.
    Nica Mandigma | Virtual Assistant recently posted..When Disaster Strikes: You and Your Filipino Virtual AssistantMy Profile

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