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Keeping Track of Time and Expenses

As they say, “Time is Money”.

It is so important for you to keep track of your time even if you’re charging a per project fee. Why? How do you know if you’re charging enough if you don’t keep track. Keeping track will keep you on your toes, and make your clients feel confident in your abilities. You can analyze your results and adjust prices as you become faster and more efficient.

There are many ways that you can keep track of your time and expenses when you are a Virtual Assistant. This past week I tried out everything I could find that had a free trial. I am happy to report that there are many great services out there both free and for a fee where you can accurately track your time and expenses spent on various Virtual Assistant Services.

But I found one that is just simply, in my opinion, the best.

My favorite by far is Freshbooks. What makes Freshbooks awesome and amazing isn’t just its rich features  it is the fact that  it will work together with Basecamp which is a project management system.  So you get the best of both worlds by combining these two independently fabulous programs.

Currently I use Central Desktop, which I do love,  but the fact that Freshbooks and Basecamp work together  make me a  fast convert.

I don’t want my current new clients to have to learn a new system, so I won’t switch with my current clients but I will with new ones.  It is important not to switch your current clients too fast to new software so as not to cause them stress.

If you have a client who is an early adopter, they’ll be fine with change, but if like me you have clients who do not really like technology all that much, then you won’t torture them with change too fast. If your client has been with you long term, a year or more, then it is probably fine to introduce them to a new project management system, but if they’re new, my advice is don’t do it.

The great thing about these systems is they take full advantage of cloud computing. Your data is safe, your client’s data is safe, so even if your computer crashes, it’s all there, and you have access anytime, anywhere.

I hope you try out this system. You can try it free of course.

Click here to see Basecamp

Click here to see Freshbooks

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