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Joining Support Groups

I highly recommend finding and joining at least one group online or offline that will support, encourage, and motivate you toward success in your business. I wanted to share the group I am a member of. That group is Mom Masterminds.

Mom Masterminds is a members only group. There is a fee, but the great thing is you only pay the fee for one year, (or you can pay once), monthly, and then you are a lifetime member. It is a very reasonable fee, in fact right now as I am writing this I am not even sure how much it costs anymore. You’ll have to go to the site and find out.  It is MORE than worth every penny.

Just this week I had an experience (among many others) that let me know how worthwhile the membership is. I had the pleasure of talking to another woman, who is a member, over the phone. We talked for over two hours. I was struggling with some things that I want to do to move my business forward in my local community. I want to move forward and offer classes locally about social media, blogging, and website building. I have the skills, I have the knowledge and I’ve even taught classes before, but I was feeling unsure and scared.


I was reminded by Patrysha of PK Marking Solutions that it is okay to be uncomfortable, but you just gotta move forward and do it. Sure you might suck at first, but you’ll get better. Just do it. It may be a cliche now “Just do it” but it is probably one of the better advertisement campaigns ever put out by Nike(tm). Because “Just doing it”  through the discomfort is how we move forward in our business.

If you’re not uncomfortable at times in the process of building your business, if you don’t leave your comfort zone, you will never grow your business into what it could be. The first time we bid to a new client, the first time we talk on the phone to a client, the first time we submit our work to a new client – are all actions that can make us uncomfortable.

But yet, those who are successful, Just Do It.

Earlier today I wrote about how different the words “can” and “do” are. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you will do it. That is the difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t.

Those who are successful DO.

There are probably people out there who can do whatever you do better than you – So Whatare they doing it? Are they out there being uncomfortable, working through the discomfort, and getting things done?

Are you?

Do you have a group of supporters who will cheer you on, giving you the confidence that you need to succeed in your business?  If not, please give Mom Masterminds a try. You will get immediate access to tons of free learning resources included in your membership, as well as the active message board, and get to “rub shoulders” with very successful women who work from home and want nothing more than to see you succeed too.

They say that birds of a feather flock together, another cliche that seems to hold true because the more I align myself with success, the more successful I become.

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Stephanie has been working from home for over 20 years as a virtual assistant, template bender, and content writer. She's currently transitioning to business coach. You can learn more about her at her website


  1. I have been inside MM for a few months during a special and it seems like a fantastic, supportive group. My problem is I really do not have extra time to be involved in other groups, since what I do for a living is help such forums get off the ground in the first place. Wouldn’t being a part of MM detract from the energy I have to spend on my current and new clients?


  2. Yep, Mom Masterminds is the place to be. I was paying monthly, but just wanted to be a full member ’cause I love it so much, so I paid in full months ago. Love the community feel, sharing, laughs not to mention the learning resources from the learning centre and from the wise women there.

    Jill, I get your conundrum, but some things are just worth being involved in 🙂

    Stephanie, I think your last comment on this post sums things up perfectly.

  3. Awesome post about Mom Masterminds. I’ve only been a member for a few months and I have already benefited greatly.

    I’m amazed at the amount of resources in the Learning Center. I will never have time to get through them all *LOL*

    I took advantage of Kelly’s Gold Key special which wasn’t exactly inexpensive. That should tell you how much I value MM (and Kelly’s coaching). 😮

    Thanks for spreading the word about a great group of women who are very helpful and supportive.

    Jill, there’s a trial period so go for it. I see the time I spend there as making me a better and more effective business owner in the long run.

    Glennette Goodbread

  4. I have been a member of Mom Masterminds from almost the beginning. It’s a great group. I’m also a member of another great mastermind group and highly recommend these type of groups. My business has grown so much and I can attribute it to both groups. Having that much support does wonders for ones business.

  5. I’m a member of Mom Masterminds too. I joined almost a year ago after realizing that I needed the support and advice of other entrepreneur moms and a good resource for information without scouring all over the Internet.

    It’s been very worthwhile, and in particular I find myself inspired by others posting their own creative ideas and helping each other as they work to grow their businesses.

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