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I’ll pay you a percentage of sales…

I hear this a lot.

I’ll pay you a percentage of sales.

The thing is, much of the work a Virtual Assistant does is not work that has an exact return on investment, and it is  not a sales position, so being paid by percentage for administrative work does not sound right to me.

I have taken, in the past, a position as a “Sales Manager” where I was responsible for attempting to sell a specific item and they agreed to give me a percentage of all sales. I did not mind in this case because I was directly responsible for sales, so I felt that my return would be greater.

Be careful accepting any type of admin work for “percentage of sales” especially if the business is new, or if they have never made a sale before. If you do this, you are likely going to never make a dime.

If you want you can negotiate the contract to say something like: 10% of total sales or at least $20 per hour. I can live with that but please, don’t give your hard work away free. Seriously think about an offer before you accept it. Do not be so desperate to take on a client that you do not consider the facts.

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