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I have a bad back, but as a VA I can still be a bread winner

Recently I took a foray into working at a J.O.B.

It was misguided and not done for any other reason than it was offered and I have a hard time saying no.

I kept doing my VA and Content Writing work while I had the job for about six weeks. During week three my back started hurting worse than normal, by week six I had to resign.

I already know I have a bad back and have had a bad back for many years, since 1994. It’s one of the reasons I started working from home. It’s hard to keep a normal job if you might wake up and not be able to even move.

And it did happen, I had to call in sick, and as you know for a J.O.B. calling in sick that early in the game is a real no-no. I explained to them about my back, and that I could do most of the work they needed right from my home office but they weren’t interested in that so I resigned. It’s three days later and I still cannot walk, but I have to say that even though I wasted their time, I learned tons that I can put back into my business here.

You’re probably wondering why in the world I’d do that knowing that I make more per hour working for myself than at a job.

Well, frankly, sometimes working at home can get lonely and boring. Plus, as you well know, if you live in the USA working from home you can’t get health insurance very easily that covers you very well.It wasn’t even the pay, it was the health insurance. It was the imaginary pressure I felt from others.

What a mistake.

Not only did I waste their time but I wasted my own. To my surprise,  I managed to keep up with all my business clients, and I learned that I have a hell of a lot more time to add more clients than I thought. I literally was able to do all my client work in two 12 hour days. (I took breaks during that time and also cleaned my house, cooked dinner, did laundry, took walks and ate lunch.)

In addition, in those two days I earned more money than I earned all week in the J.O.B.

By week two I realized that I was really making a huge mistake but I felt loyal to them and wanted to do the job I was hired to do before I gave notice.

Then one day I woke up and I could not move. My back was out. The last time that happened this bad was a few years ago, and I’ve lost a lot of weight so I honestly thought I was essentially cured. How wrong I was.

I managed to get to my home  office, and I could comfortably sit there and work, but this was not what they signed up for and not what they wanted.

The reason I’m telling you this at all is that I know a lot of you have a outside pressures to get “real” jobs.Pressure from parents, in-laws, spouses, you name it. We who work from home often feel that pressure and if we are women we are probably especially guilty of downplaying what we do all day.

I’m here to tell you that you do have a real job.Do not be swayed and tempted by a good salary,health insurance, and all the trappings of going into a J.O.B. Not if you really want to work at home, work independently, be able to balance your family life and your work life, and actually be free to have a sick day!

If you’re a Virtual Assistant or do any type of work from home, you have a real job! In fact you have a much better job than anyone who has to leave home to work does. Maybe you feel like you need a “real” job because you aren’t earning enough as a VA?

It’s easy to start feeling stuck in a certain income level. You feel like you don’t have enough time to do more than you do right now. But, I bet you can do more, you’ve just gotten comfortable with your pace. If you are a VA who feels like you’re maxed out in time and money, then try limiting your working times (and get off social media) to see how long it really takes you to do your work.

If you’re not regularly testing to see how much you really make in an hour then I challenge you to do so. If you’re not treating your business like a real job, something you need to work at every business day and hour (days and hours your own choice!), then try it for a week and I bet you’ll find that you can be even more productive than you thought.

I was shocked to find that I could easily do all my client work in literally two days, Saturday and Sunday. Before the J.O.B. I felt maxed out. I felt like there was no way I could earn more money. Yes, I outsource (although I admit I’ve had a hard time finding reliable people to outsource writing to so I do that mostly myself), and yes I use automation. I just felt like this was it, this is all I can make. But, I was very wrong. Not only can I make more, I have a LOT more time than I thought. I can literally double my client load, thus my income and still have time with my family and friends.

I can still be a productive member of society and my family even if I can’t walk, or get out of the house due to my back. I’m so very thankful that this is possible for me. I know if I can do it you can do it too.

So, what about you? Do you have pressure to take a job outside the home? Do you feel like you’re already working enough but you’re not making enough money? Do you currently have a job that you’re scared to let go of? Tell me about it in the comments below.


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