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How to price yourself appropriately

Your pricing can depend on where you are located. It seems that those in larger cities can charge more than those that live in small towns. The logic behind this does not make much sense, given that most work is done over the Internet. However, some clients prefer that they meet with their assistant at least once, and tend to be willing to pay higher if the VA is nearby to be able to attend a meeting.

How high is the demand for the services you are able to perform as a virtual assistant? The answer to this question can be a determining factor when setting your rates. It is important that you know how much companies need the services that you are offering. You do not want to sell yourself short, but sometimes businesses will not pay much for a job that is not in high demand.

The prices you set for your business should be worth the time it takes you to complete the tasks you are given from your clients. If you are charging an hourly rate, you must make sure that the fee is justified for the amount of work you will be doing within that hour. If the job requires a great deal of your time and expertise, you will want to consider charging more for that service than one that is easier to do.

Make sure that the prices you set for your virtual assistant services will cover the expenses related to running your business. These will include office supplies, utilities, equipment, insurance, marketing, and continuing your education. If you are not earning enough to support the business, the venture will not be able to last very long.

A final thing you should consider when pricing yourself is to check out what your competition is currently charging. This is further down the list because it should not be a huge influence on the prices you charge. Of course, you want to offer rates that can readily compete with others who have similar businesses as you. On the other hand, you do not want to undermine your services or experience just to land more clients. If you can present your services in a manner that allows others to see the value in using your business, you will be able to charge a higher fee than other VAs and still receive work.

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