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How to network effectively

Networking is a beneficial way to gain new clients for your virtual assistant business. It may seem daunting to speak to people you just met about your services, but it can be highly effective in educating others on what you can do for them. If you never tell anyone about what you do, they won’t know! So you have to tell people!


Join forums for virtual assistants and other occupations of those that work at home. This will allow to you learn more about the business you are in. Many people love to speak with those that are in similar lines of work. They congregate on these sites to share advice, information, and opinions. You can also gain clients in this way, as they will sometimes visit these communities to outsource projects.


Let people offline know about the services you offer. Just because virtual assistants work primarily online does not mean local business cannot use your services. Many do not currently have a web presence, and you can help change that by maintaining a site for them. Many local business owners wish they had someone to do miscellaneous office tasks, but may not realize that virtual assistants even exist.

Print up some business cards, and hand them out when you talk to someone about your business. This may not gain you work upfront, but someone may refer to your card in the future. They may then need your services, and will contact you about the tasks they need completed. They may also refer their business associates to you if someone they know becomes interested in hiring a virtual assistant.


Learn to speak with confidence. You will want to appear as if you know your stuff when networking with other people. Even if you are new in the virtual assistant game, you should present yourself in a calm, professional manner. No one wants to hire someone that seems doubtful about themselves or their abilities.

Follow up on newly established connections. Receiving the contact information of potential clients is useless unless you utilize it to your advantage. If you have their email address, you can use it to send them more information on your business and the services you offer. Be sure to speak with these people within one to three business days of meeting them to keep you fresh on their minds.

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