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How to Get the Most Done in the Least Time

One of the most effective methods of getting things done in a timely manner is to make up a schedule and stick to it.  While this sounds simple, for many people it is not as easy as it may sound.  But when you are working with multiple clients with different demands as well as your household, it is a good idea to figure out when you will be able to deal with everything in your life.

Figure out the Constants

I like to start with a grid of the day in half hour increments and write in the things that constant every day or week.  This would be things such as waking up the kids and getting them off to school, when you have supper each night and activities that you are already committed to.  Make sure you allocate enough time for each and if you have to leave your home to get there include your transportation time in the schedule.

Scheduling Clients

Now that you know when you are busy and when you have some time open, you can start scheduling in your clients and the work you do for them.  Depending on how much work is required for a client will help you determine what type of slot they go in.  If it is something that is more intense, you may want to put it where you have a block of time, but it if it is relatively simple and does not require a lot of time, it could go into a smaller block.

Setting Office Hours

Just like any job, you should be marking all this on a calendar and setting up a schedule that your family and friends know.  Hopefully this way you will not be bothered unless it is something important.  Just like working a job outside of the home, in order to get paid you need to complete your work.  By setting a schedule and guideline, it is easier to make this happen and get others to co-operate.

Of course, you may find that this needs to be tweaked as time goes on, but it will give you an idea of where you are in regards to time and if you have the ability to take on more clients or if you need to let a few go.  It is not going to be a perfect system, but it is likely better than winging it and hoping you manage to accomplish everything on time.

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