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How To Get Client Testimonials For Your Website

Learning how to make your small business grow at a steady rate can be a time consuming job. It can also be expensive if you have to put a lot of money into marketing materials that may or may not pay for themselves. The most successful marketing strategies today rely heavily on client referrals or word of mouth marketing. If you are asking why, it is simple. That is still to date the most profitable and successful type of marketing available today.

It is fact that you can tell everyone in the business world what a wonderful professional you are. However, when your satisfied clients tell them the same thing it increases the value of the statements 100 times over.  So how do you get word of mouth marketing or referrals in a virtual world? Simple, you ask for testimonials from your clients for your website.

It is a proven fact that most professionals have a hard time asking for client referrals or testimonials from their clients. Some great ways to get around this are to send out a customer satisfaction survey a short time after you start working with the client.

Attach a client testimonial form to that survey for the client to fill out at their leisure. You will get valuable feedback on your services as well as some wonderful testimonials for your business in the process. Be sure and get permission to post the testimonial on your website before posting them there though!

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