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How to achieve your goals

I am getting ready to go to Solo Mastermind, Monday Breakthrough, but I was thinking about you all and about how we achieve our goals. I have some thoughts about this, of course, but I am also curious about yours.

Achieving your goals can sometimes seem impossible. But, honestly, it’s not hard if you know where to start. The first place to start is to create a long term goal, then work your way backward toward today creating shorter term goals along the way that will ultimately, if you follow the calendar, get you to your major long term goal.

For instance, if you want to go on a long trip, you don’t think you’ll just beam yourself to the final destination instantly, right? You realize that you have to first get your drive way. You can even go back further to getting out of the house. And further yet, to getting dressed, and further back still to getting up on time, and going to bed on time… I think you get the picture. Everything we do takes steps to get to the final destination, or goal.

Let’s think of a business goal.  Write it down.

I want to earn $1500 a month.

I want to earn $1500 a month within three months.

Month One my goal is $500.00

Month Two my goal is $1000.00

Month Three my goal is $1500.00

Now, you start with the first goal. What will it take for you to make $500?

Your hourly fee is $20.00 per hour.

$500.00 is 25 hours of work.

So, you’ll need to work 25 billable hours in the first month to reach your goal. If you don’t have a client, you’ll have to find a client. So your goal should start before the money, your first goal should be to get a client who needs you 25 hours month, or two clients who need you for a total of 25 hours a month, and so on.

By knowing what your goal is, and what it takes to achieve your goals, you can see success. Start at the beginning and work until you reach your goal by the date you’ve set. Don’t stop until you do. Once you realize that reaching a goal takes action on your part, you’ll soon be seeing tremendous growth in your business. Action will always get results.

One of my favorite and FREE tools to use is Google Calendar. You can set up your goals and then the actions you must do each day to reach your goals right in the calendar. What’s really great is that it’ll send you reminders if you set it up to do so. So, if you made a goal of blogging 3 times a week, you can put into your calendar the days the blogs should be done, and you’ll get an email reminding you.

My other favorite tool is Freshbooks. Freshbooks is an invoicing system but it can also help you manage your time by keeping track of the time you spend on your projects. For instance, say a client wants you to work five hours a week but no more. You can enter into the system that information and it will not let you work over that time, and it will show you a neat little visual graphic so you can see at a glance how much time you have left.

The other item I use is this is a really great tool. You can set up your files in by date and you’ll have everything no matter where you go. If you don’t have Dropbox right now do get it, it’s an awesome tool. You can use a free version if you don’t have too much to put in there. I pay for the upgraded version so that I can have more space. But, it works great to enable you to have access anywhere so that even if something goes wrong with your computer you can still reach your goals and follow your plan.

How do you make sure that you reach goals that you set for yourself?

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