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How much unpaid work do you do each day?

And is it REALLY work? Do you try to fool yourself into believing that trolling Facebook and sharing funny pictures of cats all day is work? Do you spend time that feels legitimate on clients or their work, yet don’t charge for the time? How much unpaid work do you do each day? Week? Year?

How much time are you steeling from your family and your business pretending to work?

If you’re serious about your Virtual Assistant business it’s time that you take your time as seriously as you want other people to take it. No one is going to watch your time and how you spend it, but you. No one is going to tell you to get off the computer and go play with your kids, no one is going to tell you to say “NO” to that client who keeps wanting unlimited moments of your time. No one is going to show respect for your time but YOU. YOU’RE in the driver’s seat, this is your life and your business. I can’t come to your home and yell at you and tell you to get back to work, or if you’re done working billable hours today, go take your kids to the park, or call your mother.  I can’t do that, but I can tell you that if you don’t take your time seriously, no one else will.

So, answer the question: How much unpaid work do you do each day? AND is it really work?

If you have no idea then you need to figure out a way to track your time on billable work, money making work, and non money making work.

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