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How Add-on Services Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Add-on services are great. Every business uses them to eek a few extra dollars out of the sale. The window cleaners always offer to clean the screens before washing the windows. The lawn guys can trim the bushes and edge the lawn in addition to mowing the grass. Even your local coffee shop offers a selection of yummy pastries to go with that steaming cup of joe. Why not you? Why not add-on services for virtual assistants?

You do not have to stick with the standard services. Think outside the box. The more services you can offer, the more valuable you are to your client and to your own bank account. Plus, it adds variety and a little fun to your day. So, what can you do? Here’s a few suggestions that people are willing to pay for because either they don’t know how or don’t have time to do. Think of it as an untapped source of revenue for your VA services company.

  1. Facebook: Every business needs a FB page these days, whether they actually want one or not. You can offer your services to maintain that page with comments, links, status updates and interacting with their fans. You can also use your talents to customize that FB page with one of the many services out there. Be sure to save a link when you are done and add the new, snazzy FB page to your portfolio.
  2. YouTube: Another place where small businesses are overwhelmed is YouTube. They’ve heard of it. They know they should utilize its potential power. They just don’t know where to start. Position yourself as an expert. You don’t have to shoot the video clips, just upload them to YouTube and other, similar sites. You can also create a customized channel with amazing graphics and knock their socks off.
  3. You know what’s next. That’s right. Twitter. Once again, small business owners need one but don’t have the time or inclination to create and maintain a Twitter account. But, wait a minute. They have an amazing VA. She/he could do it… for a price. Offer to tweet, re-tweet and maintain for them. Even better, design a custom Twitter page. Everyone likes to look different and stand out from their competition.
  4. It’s not just social media, though. The possibilities for add-on services are limitless. I once worked for a powerful realtor (on staff, not VA) and saw her receipts crammed into an envelope in her briefcase. I started taking her monthly receipts, categorizing them and making a quickie, excel spreadsheet. I paperclippped each category of receipts together and threw everything in a manila envelope. She told me constantly how that 10 minute project was absolutely priceless to her. Just because the project seems overly simple to you does not mean someone isn’t willing to pay money for it.

So,what can you do? Put your thinking cap on. It can be VA-related. It can be completely unrelated but helpful to small business owners. Rack your brain. Write all your hidden talents on paper. There is some undiscovered nugget there that can make you some extra cash. Get digging.

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