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Happy New Year — Goals for 2012

Happy New Year 2012I hope this post finds you all having a wonderful New Year. I had such a successful year in 2011 I cannot even imagine how wonderful 2012 might be. I’m so thankful for the friends I’ve made, clients I’ve had, and just the wonderful experiences and learning that has taken place in 2011. I know that there will be many really successful VAs who are going to move past coaching to complete success in their business.

I have so many goals for 2012 that I thought I’d share them with you all. I’d love to hear what your goals are too. I’ll start:

1. Expand VA moms — yea I know I said I’d never have a message board or community but I think it’s time so my plan is to build the technology during 2012. That’ll teach me — Never say Never.

2. Finish my VA book — Within the next three months I want to be finished with my VA book. It’s crazy how many things keep changing, and I keep adding to the book and I keep updating the book. I just want it to be helpful and right. In the past I would have launched it as an eBook for sale on this site, now I plan to sell it only on Kindle. Don’t worry though because you can read kindle books on your computer you don’t have to have a kindle. On and I’m going to launch it at 99 cents. If you want in on that deal please make sure you have joined my newsletter list.

3. Record more great interviews — I love interviewing virtual assistants, and I’ve expanded my search for VAs past the term “Virtual Assistant” to be anyone who works from home online doing task for other businesses. If you’re such a person, please fill out the Feature me form at the top on the menu bar. Even if you’re not completely sure you fit in, why not contact me via my contact form and ask.

4. Expand my passive income — Working as a VA is great, and it’s good for fast cash, I also LOVE my clients, but we all want to retire some day and trading dollars for hours will not get you there. It’s important that service providers also create other streams of income via affiliate sales, eBooks, other other means.

5. Get a job — I know this sounds really crazy but during graduate school I discovered a love of teaching. I’m trying to obtain an instructional design position and then I plan to start working on my Doctorate in about a year or two. This is a very ambitious thing for me to do, and totally outside of anything I ever thought I would do. But, there is a great need for people like me (and maybe you) who have degrees and who know how to teach people things online. This has nothing to do with needing income, in fact I will initially earn less money.  Seriously, due to not renewing contracts and letting go of all but very special clients my VA income for Dec was down by over half.  This is about following a dream and trying something new and stepping outside of my comfort zone.

6. Lose 80 to 100 lbs — This is something that has been on my list since I gained back weight I had lost —  but something I feel very confident that I will succeed at doing in 2012. I’m doing it by working toward eating completely naturally and 80 percent raw food.

As you see, it’s a huge year full of big dreams and goals. But I know that one way or another, I will succeed. The reason I am positive that I will succeed is because I know how to set goals, and then break them down to monthly, weekly and daily tasks to complete until I reach the goal.  But remember, that setting goals doesn’t mean if you miss them, or change your mind that you’re a bad person –and you’re certainly not a failure —  so don’t be afraid to set goals. But when you set them, don’t just write them down as I did above, but also write down the exact steps you will take to reach the end goal. Then break them down further until you have a plan for each day. If you just do that bare minimum each day, you will reach the end goal! It really is that simple.

During 2011 I reached many goals and had great success. I finished graduate school, I increased my income 26 percent over last year’s income, even after using November and December to end contracts and let go of a few important long-term contracts. In 2011, we went on vacation three times and still paid off debt. While there are many changes happening now, due to my choice of working at a University and only keeping very specific clients, and it’s a little scary and new — I know that if I just follow my plan for 2012 I will succeed. You can too. Tell me about your goals, plans, hopes and dreams for 2012. I really want to to know!
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