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Growing your VA business

Falling into the trap of working around the clock in your VA business is very easy to do. It isn’t uncommon for me to hear from both new and experienced Virtual Assistants that they work practically 24/7. The thing is, you don’t have to do everything on your own. You can delegate and outsource.

If you have a lot of clients, new and repeat, then you’re doing great! It really says a lot about your marketing, and your skills. Why not use your overflow of clients and business to seriously grow your VA business?

If you aren’t willing to draw the line on the number of hours you will work and keep your business small, then growing your Virtual Assistant business makes good sense. Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to expand your client base by using a pool of other VAs that assist you on a regular basis? This will enable you to make the move to CEO and Manager, enabling you to stop working so many hours by letting others do the work for you.

If this is what you want to accomplish then follow the following advice:

1.  Find some help – Find another VA (or two) that you know provide quality work. You can test them out by assigning a few tasks that you would normally do yourself and see how they do. Of course, you pay them less per hour than you charge. But, give them a fair wage for what they are doing.

2.  Don’t turn down clients – If you want to grow, and you’re having to turn down clients, stop doing that. Accept them, turn most of the work over to the other VAs, and keep your profits. Make sure at all times the client pays you for the service and seek help with a good contract with the VAs you outsource to.

3. Keep good records -Keeping records of all transitions between your clients and you, and your  independent contractor VAs and you is imperative. Use a system like, VA ManagerBasecamp or Central Desk Top and invoicing like Freshbooks, and scheduling systems like Appointment-plus, to keep everything organized. You will need to ask for and provide appropriate tax information. See the IRS Website for more information.

4.  Create an SOP –  An SOP is a Standard Operating Procedure. This is something I learned about from my dad who was a military officer. Having procedures set in place will make your business more efficient and make it easier to outsource various tasks proficiently.

5. Ramp up your marketing – As you build up your list of VAs to outsource to, ramp up your marketing efforts. You won’t be able to keep good Virtual Assistants if you don’t have work for them to accomplish.

6. Improve your website – If you want to grow your business you will need a website that works with this type of business. You will need a full FAQ to explain to businesses about your services, and to explain to VAs about your opportunities. Likely you will need specialized members only areas for each. You can use WordPress or something like Site Build It. You can even outsource your website to someone like Freshnets or Barry Publishing.

7. Create a great team – You create a great team by treating all of your vendors and VAs right. Communicate clearly, often, and respectfully. Treat them how you would want to be treated. Pay fair rates, provide accurate and complete directions, develop a system,  and keep them busy.

Building a growing and expanding Virtual Assistant Business is not only possible, if you follow these tips, probable.

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