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Getting Certifications to Increase Your Opportunities

As many of you kncertofacheivemetow, this year we are building our “retirement” house. This is the last house we plan to buy or live in. It should be done in January.

Until then I am not planning any more education but as soon as it’s over I have decided to become MS Office Certified.

I want to get the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Master certification. I believe it will help me in a number of areas, in addition, allow me to teach a few classes at some local career schools.

Even though I have a Masters degree these schools want me to have the same certifications that they require their students to get.

There are a number of different types of certification that you can obtain today. Some are through colleges, and some are put out by online training schools that have popped up the last few years to fill the gap that has appeared in terms of training for Virtual Assistants. It’s important for you to evaluate these different programs to ensure that you are signing up for training by people who know what they’re doing. Much in the same way the career schools¬† here want me to have certification, you should check out any online courses you sign up for to ensure that they are taught by people and created by people who¬† understand what a Virtual Assistant is.

If you sign up for training by people who aren’t dedicated to your success you probably won’t get much out of it. That’s why when I recommend training here on VA Moms, you can be sure that it’s something good. I won’t place an ad, or blog about something that I don’t believe in. I care about your success. I want you to develop the skills you need to impress clients, and to actually do something that you feel good about for your clients. This is how you’ll make being a Virtual Assistant into a long profession and business and not something you just do to pass the time.

When you see any training for anything on the Internet check out who is behind the program and who has been involved in the creation of the program. Look at the reviews from others. Do your due diligence to ensure that it is indeed a good program. If you ever sign up for something that you are not happy with, speak out. It helps the creators to understand and make even better programs if you provide good feedback.

So, what type of training are you planning in the near future?

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