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Get Your Family On Board-Create Family Unity with a Little Planning

When you first start working from home there tends to be rebellion from the family unit. Okay, maybe not rebellion, more like confusion. The kids (and sometimes your spouse) just don’t understand that even though mom’s still home, she isn’t at the beck and call of whomever is home at the time.

Nip this problem in the bud by having a family meeting. Sit down with all of the family members that are old enough and explain to them what it means when you are working. Explain why you are working from home and how they can help by limiting the interruptions to strictly emergencies. Define what an emergency is. Examples you might give are:  Suzy pulled my hair-NOT and emergency,  Billy jumped off the couch and he’s bleeding- definite emergency.

Set up a family calendar in order to keep from booking conflicting appointments or missing important family functions. On the calendar write: your work schedule, kids extra-curricular activities, your husband’s work schedule (if it varies) and any family functions or events coming up in the future.  Agree to consult with one another before adding new plans to the calendar.

Remember, if you keep your kids (and your spouse) informed of what is going on with you and your business, they will be more likely to cooperate with the new rules. Give them some time to adjust to the new way of things and stand firm on whatever new rules you have put into place. Things will be running smoothly before you know it.

Michele Casteel is a freelance writer, ghostwriter and novelist who resides with her four rambunctious children and loving husband in the heart of the South. Last year she created her own small publishing company.

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