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Get away from the dreaded clock!

Most virtual assistants start out charging an hourly rate for their services. They quickly get tired of being questioned and micro managed and start to feel like employees instead of independent contractors. For quite some time I have been moving away from hourly work and working by packages of tasks.

There are a lot of ways that you can approach this but the way I do it is to talk to the client in depth then I create a specialized package just for them based on their needs, with a set monthly fee. This works out really well because the client knows exactly what is going to be done, and for how much, and I know exactly what I am going to do so I can better organize my work and schedule.

I don’t have to keep track of time with a clock, and I can work in batches without really worrying about who the client is at the time since I don’t have to keep track of anything other than if I have completed the tasks.  I typically give a tiny bit extra, over and above the contract, just because I feel like it and I love my contract clients!

For instance I might just throw in an extra blog post, or an extra article, or recipe, or picture, depending upon the contract and I make sure to say “hey I threw in an extra…..” because I got carried away. And it’s always true because when I get to doing things sometimes I get carried away and when I am not worried about every moment and second, I am able to give my clients my best.

So get rid of the time clock and try working with packages with your clients. You’ll both be glad that you did.

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