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Finding your niche as a Virtual Assistant

I talk a lot about finding your niche as a Virtual Assistant here at Virtual Assistant Moms. The reason is that it is very important that you narrow down your services so that you can best serve your clients doing what you do best and “mostly” what you like doing. I say mostly because we all know every job has some “boring” tasks.

But the point is, narrow down your services to a specific target market.

Some people get scared to narrow down their services because they do not want to turn down clients. When working for yourself it can be frightening to turn down a client because you don’t know when or if you will find a new client.

But keep this in mind, if you’re busy with clients doing things you don’t enjoy with clients that aren’t in a niche that you respect and enjoy, then you won’t have room for your idea client. By being picky and only working with people you really want to work with, on projects you really want to do, you keep yourself available to those ideal clients.

The interesting thing is that if you do this, you will find that you attract so many more clients that you love, and people will respect you when you turn them down and send them to someone who is a better fit for their business. Surround yourself with other Virtual Assistants in other niches (and even your own niche) and you will discover the wonderful reciprocity that exists in the VA world.

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  1. I have found over the years that there are some tasks that I like better than others, so I have found myself narrowing down my services. For example, while I really enjoy blog posting and graphics work, I find technical writing tedious and boring.

  2. I have endless trouble with this. I specifically want to help with forums and social buzz. When other jobs come along I should just say no, even though I need the money. Arg. What to do?

  3. It is HARD to turn down money at times. I recently turned over a client of mine to another VA because he took too much time. lol Seems like a small problem to have, but it ALSO was not exactly what I wanted to concentrate on, so I moved on. It was hard for me to do, but I am glad that I did it. Now I can concentrate on other clients and attracting the clients that I want.

    Jill, if you fill up your calendar with things you don’t want to do, you won’t have time to take on those clients you DO want.

  4. Steph that is so true. I need to learn to work on my “no.” It’s hard! Which is weird, as NO is the first word most babies learn. Somewhere along the way we forget how to use this, lest we hurt someone’s feelings. We all want to be so freaking helpful. 🙂

    I think some of this is learning to have faith in our work and abilities.

  5. I am sure I was spanked for saying “No” as a child, which is likely the cause of the “yes” problem now! haha Never thought of it that way until you mentioned it. You’re so right about this. I have to really do some research on this now!

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