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Finding Virtual Assistant Jobs at Bidding Sites and on Job Boards

a sign to choose success or failureWhen you first start your Virtual Assistant Business you’ll want to find some clients. Once you find a few clients, eventually most of your client base will come through word-of-mouth, but for now you have to do all you can to market your business including using bidding websites, job boards, and networking forums. I’m going to go over a few sites that I’ve used successfully to find clients.

Bidding Site Examples: — This is a website that enables you to bid on jobs posted by those who need your services. You can apply for more and better positions if you pay their membership fee. Try it for just one month to see how far you get. Apply for only jobs that have a  budget in which you can see working. Don’t low ball your bid just because some people are offering to work practically free. There are some honest business people out there who will pay a fair wage to those who are good at what they do. — This is another bidding site much like You can also apply for more jobs if you become a member, but you can start out applying for jobs free that the owner of the project has agreed that anyone can bid on. Again, take the same tactic. Check their project budget and only bid if they are being realistic about budget. Don’t low ball your bid just because you’re competing with some pretty low bidders.

Job Board Examples: — This area has a monthly fee. There is a message board, and a job board. They invite people to submit their request for proposal and then they post them on their private message board for you to view and apply direction to with the person who has requested the work. — This is a little like in that they invite people to submit their request for proposal but they also offer the ability for a VA to get listed on the business directory so that people can view them and then ask them directly to apply for various positions.

The way to be successful with getting virtual assistant jobs in these cases is to:

Fill Out Your profile completely — You want the future client to see everything they can about you in the best light that you can manage. By filling out your profile, putting in a professional head shot, showing examples of the work that you can do, and linking to your website you’ll project a professional image that clients are looking for in a Virtual Assistant.

Ensure That Your Website is Up-to-Date — Sometimes Virtual Assistants can be like the stereo typical mechanic with broken cars while all his customers’ cars run smoothly. Don’t be like that. Keep your website up-to-date demonstrating knowledge of the most modern technology including a newsletter, social media buttons, and great examples of work that you can do. Keep your blog up-t0-date. You can also remove the dates from the blog posts so that a new visitor doesn’t see dates and feel like the website is inactive.

Apply to More Jobs Than You Can Handle — Don’t only apply for jobs when you need them. Apply for positions continuously. If you aren’t full of clients you’ll likely have to apply for 5 to 10 times more jobs than you’re going to get. The more you apply to, the more likely you are to have a full client roster.

Learn How to Write Clear Proposals — Create a standard document for you to use for your proposals that list everything you will do, and what you won’t do as well, for potential clients. Your proposal is like a resume in that the potential client will read it, and know about you, but it’s also an explanation of what you’ll do just for them. Make them personalized, give them a couple of choices of price points and address everything in their request for proposal.

The more you apply for jobs on job board sites and bidding sites the more chances you have of being hired by someone. Don’t give up. If you have the ability to work 30 billable hours a week, but you don’t have clients filling up that 30 hours, you need to spend the remainder of time on finding more work using every tool an means at your disposal. Don’t wait around for the people to come to you. Be proactive and start applying for positions today.


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