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Favorite Tools


Aweber  – A fabulous auto-responder— I can’t think of any other auto-responder I’d rather use. It has everything you want.

Freshbooks – This is a GREAT time tracking, project tracking, invoicing online system. I love it and use it daily. You can send paper invoices and /or paypal invoices to all your clients. Also, you can have your vendors who use Freshbooks send their invoices to you. Clients love the invoices because you can have a very detailed invoice.

Paypal – Of course no one can live without PayPal so if you want to earn money on the Web then you must sign up for a  Paypal Merchant Account.

Go Daddy Bookkeeping. Online Bookkeeping Software. This is awesome because it interacts with your PayPal and even Freshbooks account so that you simply go in once a week or so and delete out non business items, or add in checks received not through automated systems. I love it and have used it since 2009. — This is a great file sharing system. I love it. I like that no matter where I am I can access my client files. They have personal accounts, business accounts, and team accounts. — Mind mapping tools, training certification and more. This is a great program and the price is good if you want to learn how you can use mind maps in your business to help others become more productive, or just to become more productive yourself.