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Family and Your Health is Everything

It’s been a trying year or so around here. Lots of good and lots of sad. Most of it is just all part of life but it can be very difficult sometimes to get through. I’m so very thankful that I am able to work from home so that I can get through things. I’m thankful I can take the time I need to deal with pretty much any issue that comes up. Sometimes, in the heat of things I forget how good I have it.

Like most people, sometimes I feel sorry for myself. I let stress get to me and forget what’s important. I stop eating right, stop taking breaks from the computer to move around, and forget to take time for myself. But, like normal, the universe has a way to put me in my place and remind me about the important things of life.

First, some of you know that I have a bad back. It flared up recently and was super bad, due to working 7 days a week and not taking time for myself. I was also not eating right, and well, I was in a lot of pain. My back was still bad  to the point I could barely walk on April 14th until I got a phone call from my father, who told me my mother had died unexpectedly in her sleep.

Now my back pain is back to “normal” levels but I’m sure that is due to the shock of learning that “helped.” Now, my mom was not healthy, she had a triple heart bypass in 2001, and she had diabetes. But, it was still very unexpected and far too soon. She was only 66 years old. By today’s standards this is young. My family and I have been very sad, but we are dealing with it because we have to.

Take time out today to tell everyone in your family you love them. Leave nothing unsaid. My mom was fond of saying “I could do everything right, walk out the door tomorrow and get hit by a truck.” Well on April 13th she went to bed, like normal, and never woke up. It probably could happen to any of us. Take care of you, right now, while you’re awake and don’t fall victim to waiting until tomorrow.

Thank you to all my clients, my family and friends who have been there for me this past two weeks. I love you all. And, I promise to balance my life, my business, and everything I want to do in favor of my health. I hope you will too.

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