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Explaining To Your Family That You Work Too

One of the biggest deterrents to your work day at home can be your family. It is a proven fact that most women’s families have a very hard time realizing that Mom is working and should not be disturbed when she is doing so. Frequent interruptions can really take a bite out of your work day and cut your productivity in as much as half if not stopped.

So how do you convince your family that you work too? First, don’t expect miracles! It will not happen all at once. It is usually a gradual process. Children will need to be reminded that Mom is working and it is not the time to disturb her. Having a set time every day to work will reinforce this issue. If you have a home office that you can close the door so that you can have some privacy will help in this matter as well. Hang a Do Not Disturb sign on the door as a visual reminder for family members when you are working!

Explain to your children that Mom is working and the hours that you work. Have playtime scheduled so that the children can look forward to time that Mom can be with them and enjoy their time as well. Children like routine so once they get into a routine they will eventually learn that work time is quiet time. Being consistent and firm about work time will help you and your children adjust to your new schedule quicker as well.

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  1. I agree that children like routine – and sometimes adults do, too! I always fight the idea that i need a routine…but then work better with one when I have it.

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