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Ethics and responsibility

Do you ever wonder how some people sleep at night?  I do.  I keep reading on Virtual Assistant websites that when you are on retainer it is not your job to remind your client to use up their time. Well, I disagree.

If you promise someone 20 hours a month then, in my opinion, you should give them 20 hours a month. Since you, as the VA are keeping track of the time, then it is your responsibility to keep the client up to date on the time spent and time remaining.

Now, you can word your contracts in a way that this is not necessary. Word your contract that you will spend “no more than X hours per month” and make sure that your clients know that you will not be reminding them about their unused time, and that time does not roll over. I am not sure how this will translate into happy clients and it is not something I will ever do, but I do know that some VAs successfully run their business in this manner.

Just remember that as a Virtual Assistant you should have a certain amount of ethics and responsibility for how clients view you and all Virtual Assistants. As contractors we have to stick together and promise to maintain the highest level of ethics, honesty, and legality.

Remember, just because something is technically legal does not make it ethical.

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  1. I agree, Steph. The internet can be a very small world when it comes time to recommend hires. Treat others as you wish to be treated and keep standards high in the profession. It will make us all look better in the long run and lend credence to the role.

  2. Sometimes it can be hard to do all the things necessary to keep track of time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been working and realized I forgot to click the button to keep track of the time, but when working hourly it is necessary. I also have a couple of clients who have apparently been over charged in the past, literally hours for things that only take 10 minutes. I think that is a shame.

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