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Employee vs. Independent Contractor

So many people get it wrong when they decide to hire a Virtual Assistant. They wrongly treat their VA as if she is nothing more than an employee and often worse than an employee.

If you expect your VA to be available 24/7, you may need to hire an employee.

If you expect your VA to use your tools, your equipment, and do everything your way, you may need to hire an employee.

If you plan to micro manage your VA’s time, you may need to hire an employee.

There is nothing wrong with hiring an employee or a telecommuter for a secretarial or administrative position but there are different implications regarding taxes if you do.

Please pay attention to the rules regarding hiring an employee vs. an independent contractor provided by the IRS or your own government’s rules because you do not want something biting you in the butt later.

Recently someone bragged to me about hiring a Virtual Assistant out of Texas for only $3.75 per hour that will work 24/7 if needed. I was appalled of course, but the other aspect of this as someone who advises businesses was to tell him that he cannot do that.

There are minimum wage laws in each state and federally in the USA and when you hire people on an hourly basis you are risking being sued not just by the VA but by the government if you aren’t following the rules.

There are many  moral reasons why  hiring someone for that wage in the USA is wrong too, I won’t go into the morality of hiring people over seas in this post but wherever you hire someone they deserve to get a fair wage when you are expecting good, professional and expert work.

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