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Don’t know how to do something? Learn!

Everyday I meet someone who could change their lives completely by working from home. Usually it’s a mom with several children, or a newly single mom who is afraid of having to leave her child while she gets a job outside the home. But, she thinks she doesn’t have any skills to offer. My answer is always the same: Then Learn.

If you want to learn something today you don’t have to go to college (heck you can go to college from home now too) you can instead seek out the lessons which you want to learn on the net. There are many places you can learn things related to being a Virtual Assistant online. My favorite place right now is VA Classroom, they have very professional courses that really help you with truly getting started on the right foot.

At VA Classroom you can learn:

  • How to become a product support specialist
  • How to be an Internet Marketing Specialist
  • How to start a VA business from the beginning
  • How to be a Virtual Event Specialist
  • and MUCH MORE

I hope you’ll check out what they have to offer. Whether you’re new to being a Virtual Assistant or have been at it awhile, VA classroom has something to offer. Have you ever taken a course via If so, let me know what you thought of it. What kind of classes are you interested in taking?

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