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Do you suffer from inertia in your home business?

Many people get lazy when they have a home business. People sign up or start many different types of home businesses, from direct sales to affiliate marketing, to our business, virtual assistance, and promptly fail.

The reason is that they have been lied to. Someone told them that having your own business is easy. Someone told them you can work whenever you want and however you want. Someone told them that they didn’t even have to work at all. Someone fed them a line of bull when they said there was no sales involved.

So my question to you today is: What did you do today to get yourself closer to the goals in your business?

Did you write a blog post?

Did you submit an article to another site for publication?

Did you call on a current client to offer a testimony?

Have you responded to any message board discussions, or blog posts in an intelligent, non spammy manner (which included your signature)?

Have you made a phone call to a local or distance business that might need your services?

Did you make business cards, place a yellow pages ad or other advertisement?

Did you send a proposal to a possible client?

What did you do today, name one thing you did that will actually get you closer to your goal.

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Stephanie has been working from home for over 20 years as a virtual assistant, template bender, and content writer. She's currently transitioning to business coach. You can learn more about her at her website

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