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Do you really want to be a Virtual Assistant?

Lately I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. Moms and women who claim to want to be a virtual assistant, bidding On leaving the park
really low on projects, winning them, and then not performing the tasks they bid to complete — leaving clients in the lurch. These “virtual assistants” have many excuses for not doing what they said they’d do such as:

“My child was sick.” “I was sick” “My husband came home early” and so on.  Well I have some advice for you:

Stop it!

You’re giving virtual assistants a bad name and making clients afraid to hire people because you don’t live up to your hype.

Due having this site and my business I get a lot of requests from new people who claim to want to be virtual assistants for a chance, and since I outsource I’m all about giving someone a chance to prove themselves or get experience under their belt, but when you’re given a deadline, outside of a tornado or other natural disaster you should be on time with your deadline 99 percent of the time. AND THEN, if you’re going to be late, at the VERY LEAST you should warn the person you’re working with that you’re going to be late.

I have a hint for those of you who do this regularly. I am not going to hire you. In addition, I WILL WARN others not to work with you too! I realize we all have issues that happen and I’m very reasonable, but if 3 times out of 4 you’re late or have an excuse about being late, I’m not going to give you more work to do.

Being a virtual assistant is a business.

No one is perfect (I was recently late on two assignments with two separate clients myself). One was completely my fault for not being properly prepared in case of no electricity and a tornado struck, (twice) and the other was also my fault but due to hiring a Writer who had emailed me and begged for work, claiming to really need it to buy FOOD.  This person had been late with almost every assignment I’d given her but she promised me that she would not do that again. I had a weird feeling, but I felt for her. I remember what it’s like not to have money for food.

Well, having more work than one person can handle I gave her some of the work. Not only did she not turn it in on time, she didn’t email me to inform me, until it was due. This caused me to have to work almost 24 hours without sleep to get that assignment done, as well as my other work done. Yet I was still late.

So, please, get a clue, this is a real business, with a real opportunity to support yourself and your entire family but it is a job. It is WORK. It’s not residual, and the work doesn’t keep. You must perform or you’re never going to make it. If you don’t want to make it, stop trying so that those of us who do will be taken seriously.

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