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Do You Need Certification to Be a VA?

To become a virtual assistant, the most important things you need are skills and equipment. There is no formal training required to become a virtual assistant. It is an unregulated industry and there are no official certifying bodies. Anybody with the desire and proper equipment can start up a VA business. However, as competition for virtual assistant positions increases, VA certification can help you stand out in the crowd.

Many of the people looking to hire virtual assistants don’t know very much about VA careers. Anyone can start up a virtual assistant business but some VAs are better than others. Clients don’t always know how to weed through the list of hopefuls. Any type of certification makes you look more qualified and official to potential clients. In addition to conveying trust, certification can also help if you lack experience. New VAs who don’t have a long resume might find that certification can help round out their qualifications. Many VA certifications are part of training courses that can enhance your skills.

The International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) offers certification in virtual assistance, real estate virtual assistance, and ethics,. These certifications do carry a fee but they are cheaper for members of the organization. This type of certification can give potential clients confidence in your qualifications. If you receive certification, you can also be listed in the IVAA directory so anyone looking for a certified VA through their website can find you.

One type of certification many VAs receive is from VACertification. They offer two levels of certification. PVA stands for Professional Virtual Assistant. Master Virtual Assistant or MVA is reserved for virtual assistants with extensive education and experience. These certifications are awarded to VAs based on a formula that takes into account your eduction, skill level, and work experience. Only VAs who have been in business for at least one year are eligible for consideration.

If you are working as a virtual assistant in a particular niche, you might want to consider certification specific to your specialty. For example, bookkeeping certification can help VAs who specialize in accounting. Internet marketing VAs might want to obtain certification in WordPress. There are many certifications you can receive that can help boost your career prospects as a virtual assistant.

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