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Do You Have Standard Operating Procedures?

Well run businesses have standard operating procedures (SOPs) that inform every member of the business, the CEO, the secretary or virtual assistant, and every worker how to run each part of the business. Sometimes each department in a business has their own SOP manual, and sometimes there is just one manual. Oftentimes, sole business owners have the SOP in their head, which is a bad idea. It is important to develop procedures for every aspect of your business, put them in writing and share them with people who help you in your business, such as a secretary or a virtual assistant.

Some good things to include in your SOP manual are:

New Account / Client Set ups — Each new account should be set up in a specific way. If you have billing software, or file sharing, or certain software that you use with each particular type of client, spell out the procedure involved.

Finances — There should be certain procedures set up for not only requesting and collecting money but for recording the money. Your accounts receivable and accounts payable needs to have a specific procedure involved so that you never forget anything. You would be shocked at how many virtual assistants who do not have procedures in place forget to not only account for their time, but ask for their money.

Work Processes — From how you set up your work, to how you finalize work, have a plan to do it. If you standardize your work, and create procedures you will be more efficient and able to get more work done in less time.

So, my question to you is, do you have an SOP manual?

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