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Do you have follow through?

Every new year we start out making grand plans that usually comprises a huge list of all that we will accomplish in the next 12 months. Somewhere around March, when the newness of the year has worn off all our wonderful plans start falling by the wayside. How can you prevent this cycle from continuing, ruining your chances of having a successful Virtual Assistant business that can support you and your family? There are four steps to ensuring that you never lose site of your goals again.

Brainstorm — Some people call it brain dumping or mind mapping, but the concept is essentially the same. Get all your ideas down on paper, (or computer!) so that you can then choose a couple projects to put on the fast track.

Organize — Using the file folder system in your computer, or if you prefer, a three ring binder, set up each project that you want to accomplish it it’s own file or folder. Include all the research, and each step of the process to complete each project. For instance, if you are going to write an eBook, you need a title, keywords, an outline, a marketing plan, etc… and you need a date in which you want all of this in place for launch.

Prioritize — Take all of the information above and set your priorities on what you need to do personally, and what you need to outsource. Also prioritize everything in date order. Typically I actually name a file the dates I expect to work on the project for instance the creation of the sales page for the eBook the ABC’s of Working from Home might be called: 0402_04052012ABCSalesPage.¬† If you date your files all in the same format they’ll automatically put themselves in order.

Schedule — Once you have the dates worked out that you will do everything move it over to a calendar. The truth is, if you don’t put what you’re doing in your planner, (or Google Calendar) or project management system that has a calendar you probably won’t do it. Without tasks making it to your schedule you’re just running around willy-nilly without a firm¬† date of completion, and you won’t finish. It’s okay to re-evaluate, but always put it back into your calendar so that you firm it up and don’t just forget about it.

Following through can only happen with a good plan of action, concrete steps to take, and a good schedule to follow. Don’t stop at just making plans, keep on going, and take that extra step to put it in writing. Then all you have to do each day is follow your calendar!


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