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Dealing with illness as a micro business

It’s been a rough couple weeks around here. I have been sick, nothing life threatening, but bad enough to require lots of couch time. I am fortunate to have clients who are understanding that I am sick and my work product might be slow. I won’t miss a deadline, but I might be slow on non deadline activities. They get it and are OKAY with it.

The reason they are okay with this is that I have pre-screened my client base to understand that I am not a corporation. I do not have a bunch of people working under me that I can outsource to. Certainly I do have some VA friends on standby just in case, women I trust whom I can turn a client over to if needed.

Some people call this the “hit by a bus plan”. I think it is fitting. So, if you are hit by a bus, what is your plan? Who will take care of your clients? Who can your clients trust? Do you have more than one person?

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