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Componets of a Virtual Assistant Press Release

A press release is one of the most useful tools for virtual assistants when it comes to marketing. Press releases place all of your information within reach of potential clients. Here are the components of a virtual assistant press release.

Header. At the beginning of every press release, you should always place the words “For immediate release”. Below that you should place your contact information. This includes your name, telephone number, email address and website. Check this information several times for accuracy.

Body. Be sure to list a title before your opening paragraph. A good way to write your title is to choose one carefully crafted sentence that relays the essence of your VA business. Try to include any keywords that you are targeting in your marketing campaign.

After your personal information should come your city and state. While virtual assistants work remotely and can take on clients from anywhere in the world, assigning yourself a location opens up even more possibilities. A lot of companies prefer to deal locally. There are also a lot of local press release distributors so listing your city helps more newswires pick up your release.

Write approximately three paragraphs about your business in the third person. The opening paragraph should introduce you and entice your audience to read more so try to be clever and engaging.

A lot of people try to sell themselves and while this is indeed important, you should also convince your reader why they need a virtual assistant in the first place since many people aren’t fully aware of how a VA can benefit their business. Point out current economical situations that can make your service particularly useful to people.

Include a call to action in your closing paragraph. Write something memorable and try to drive visitors to your website where you can “close the sale”.

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