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Components of a Good VA Contract

A good contract is a vital part of working as a virtual assistant. This is the best way to outline the details of the job and avoid misunderstandings. A contract lists what is expected from both parties during the working arrangement and how compensation will be handled. Do not agree to work for anyone without first signing a contract.

A good VA contract should set out all of the terms for the task in question. Be sure to list explicitly what work is expected to be completed and the exact dates the work should be finished if it is a one-time job.

Any type of deposit should be clearly laid out in the contract. The type of work should also be stipulated whether it be one-off, hourly, or recurring projects. If the virtual assistant is expected to incur expenses on the client’s behalf, the compensation for these expenses should be described.

A fully detailed list of the work involved in the project should be included. There can also be language to allow for the duties to evolve as needed but the minimum expectations should be clearly stipulated.

Compensation should be laid out in no uncertain terms. The hourly rate or project rate should be stated in addition to when the money is due. The method of payment agreed upon should also be included. If there is a retainer agreement, the contract should state the number of hours or tasks per month that both parties agree on.

Many virtual assistant contracts also include a nondisclosure agreement. This is a confidentiality agreement that serves to ensure that the VA will not share any sensitive data or trade secrets with anyone else for any reason. Virtual assistants often have access to private information such as credit card numbers or business contacts. This not only protects the client but also the VA.

A good contract protects both the virtual assistant and the client from any disputes. Contracts are legally binding and give both parties the confidence that the job will be conducted in a predefined manner.

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