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How to Delight Your Clients and Make them Fall in Love with You

make them love you

One of the most important aspects of doing business online is to develop lasting relationships with your target audience. Not only that the relationship should be mutually beneficial so that in the end you have both reaped the rewards of the relationship. That’s how people fall in love. They love how the other person makes them feel and it draws them to the person in a deeper way. You can have that with your business relationships too if you know what to do. You can delight your clients and make them fall in love with you over and over again if you know how.

Know Your Audience

You need to start with learning about your audience so that you learn them inside and out. Think about it like you would a marriage. Before you met your partner didn’t you have an idea about who you wanted to meet and what type of person you wanted to share your life? You need to know exactly what type of person you want to work with, and why. It’s imperative, not just for success, but for joy.

Know Where They Hang Out

This goes for online and offline socialization. If your audience is on Instagram you need to be there. If they’re on Facebook you better be there too. If your audience goes to local meet ups and live events to see each other in real life then you need to do it too.  You need to be so much in their lives that they would be lost without you. Be the one person they can count on to provide solutions whether online or offline.

Deliver What They Want

It’s so much easier to sell someone on what they already want than to convince them that you have what they want. If you know your audience and observe them in their natural habitat you already know what they want. Give them that. Show up with that. Be the go-to person providing them with everything they want and then some.  Don’t be afraid to give a lot away because if you give away high value, they know that the value of what you’re selling is even more amazing.

Over Deliver Always

Whatever you’re providing to them, you need to seek to make it even better than you think you can. Provide content in all forms, social media, videos, webinars, podcasts, and of course PDFs and blog posts. Throw in some templates and checklists. Find ways to boost the value of anything you offer and make it more than it was before. You want them to be so wowed by your deliverables that your name becomes synonymous with your niche and their needs.  So, not only area you giving them what they want, but how they want it, and more.

Give Them Options

Everyone loves options. But, options can be tricky. It’s kind of like the advice that Michael Pollen gives people about diet. “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Give them options to go further with you, buy more value, but keep it to just a couple of options. For example, pay monthly, or yearly. Give a discount for yearly. It’s easy but when you give people a great offer, and have given them valuable free information, they will move forward and because you always over deliver what they want, they’re going to grow to depend on you and fall madly in love with you.

Be Yourself

It can esteem near impossible to be yourself in this world. But, in all honesty it’s the best thing you can do. After all, the real you will come out after all, right? Over time in any relationship the newness wears off and the real you will come out. So start out with being real so they can love the real you. You want only your ideal audience to respond, and the best way to do that is just be the real you that you are, flaws, faults and all.  You don’t have to be a picture perfect model to be successful in business. It’s okay to be quirky or different. It’s also okay to be a princess if that’s what you are. But don’t try to live up to some false ideal that doesn’t fit. Be real. Be you.

Business relationships based on mutual trust and love can be very profitable over the long term. You can have that in your business if you seek to make it true. Give them what they want, be transparent, under promise and over deliver and you’ll have a recipe for success that you can replicate for any type of business.


5 Tricks to Managing Projects for Multiple Clients

project managementAs your virtual assistant business grows, you’ll most likely end up managing projects for multiple clients. It’s great to have the work, but it can also make it hard to know what to do next. All of the ongoing projects can easily overwhelm you. But don’t give up. There are a few tricks you can use to manage those weeks (or months) where you have multiple projects going on.

Rank your projects.

This requires creating a list of your current projects. Once you’ve made your list, look it over and begin ranking projects by urgency. For example, mark all of the projects that must be done by the end of the week with an asterisk. Then mark projects due next week with a square. Doing this will help you clearly see what needs to be done right now and what can wait until later.

Focus on one client at a time.

Very few people can effectively multi-task. Unless you’re one of them, try to sit down and focus on just one client right now. You don’t have to dedicate your whole day to working for this one client. But do try to dedicate an hour or two to working on their project. You’ll feel more relaxed once you get the most urgent projects taken care of so always start with those.

Batch small tasks.

Sometimes, you’ll have to do the same task for different clients. You might have to update a client’s website to the latest version of WordPress or clear spam comments from their site. Instead of spreading these tasks throughout your week, do them all at once. Batching work like this keeps you from interrupting your work flow to handle small tasks.

Keep track of deadlines.

When you’re juggling multiple deadlines, it can be easy to let one slip. A good way to avoid this is to note project deadlines on a calendar. Whether you choose a desktop calendar where you write down the deadline or a virtual calendar that you can access on the go, it’s important that you know when your next deadline is.

Send out status emails.

Even clients that take a hands-off approach want to know that you’re still hard at work on their project. A quick way to let clients know that you haven’t dropped the ball is to send out a status email. It doesn’t have to be a long email but mention what you’ve been working on and how it’s coming along. Many virtual assistants pick one morning a week to send out their status emails to all their clients. Your clients will be happy because they’ll feel like their project is still your top priority and happy clients will be more forgiving if you do drop a ball later on.

Juggling multiple projects can be tricky but it’s an essential skill that every successful virtual assistant needs to learn. You can use software, project management systems, and more to help you work on everything without confusion. But remember, these tricks will only help your business if you implement them.

It’s Not Personal, It’s Business….Decision Making (Business vs Personal, Which One Wins?)

Business vs Personal: Knowing How To Separate Your Emotions From Business Decision Making To Achieve Success


What are emotions?  The dictionary defines emotions as an affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like is experienced, as distinguished from cognitive and volitional states of consciousness.  Emotions have been considered by some as irrational occurrences that interfere with reasoning.

The thought process used to make any decision should always be rational.  Rational is defined as having or exercising reason, sound judgment, or good sense.  When rational thinking is used to control your decision making process, that leaves no room for your emotions to influence decisions.

I’m sure you have heard the following saying before: “It’s not personal, it’s business.”  Do you agree with this statement or is it something you say when you do not want to deal with the business of handling business?  Are the decisions you make while conducting business really business or are they personal?

It is best practice to separate business finances from personal finances as well as personal social media from business.  With that being said, why do some people find it difficult to separate emotions from decision making in business?

If people handled their emotions properly there wouldn’t be a need for Employment Law Attorneys, Psychologist, Therapist, Life Coaches, etc.  Although no one is perfect, it is your duty if you are providing a service to ensure you are treating your clients the way that you would want to be treated if the roles were reversed.  We are all human and we have our good and bad days but when you are being paid for a service, the client is not paying to deal with your personal problems.  Just because you may be consumed with emotions from personal problems or  temporary feelings, it does not give you a pass to lose professionalism.  You must learn to separate your personal emotions from business decision making in order to make the best decisions.

As a business owner, you cannot afford to have bad decision making skills as doing so is costly.  The decision to take on a new client is one of the many important decisions that must be made to ensure both parties benefit from the relationship.  If you take on a new client for selfish reasons when you are at capacity, you are doing yourself an injustice as well as the client.  More than likely, you will not be able to give the client the quality of service you would prefer due to having too many obligations.  There will be times when it is necessary to terminate a business/client relationship.  The decision to terminate a client is also an important decision and if necessary should be handled properly.  Making business decisions influenced by temporary emotions or personal issues should be avoided at all costs.

You may be asking, what does any of this have to do with business?

In business, sometimes individuals make decisions based off of temporary emotions that have nothing to do with the business.

In Corporate America, the majority of companies have an Ethics and Compliance resource to handle complaints filed by employees who feel that they have been treated unfairly.  In business, you have agencies such as the Better Business Bureau, to handle complaints filed by consumers against businesses.

Do you find yourself making decisions based off of temporary emotions or black and white facts?

Making business decisions based on emotions could cost you if you whether you are a large or small company.

You can avoid this very costly mistake by doing the following:

  1. Do not take anything personal. (One of The Four Agreements:
  2. Do not make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings.
  3. Respect the differences and the boundaries of people you deal with.
  4. Write out the reasons for making your decision before finalizing it.  If the items on the list are personal, re-evaluate the decision.
  5. Do not make decisions quickly, think all options through completely.
  6. Be sure you are not allowing individuals that do not have to deal with the consequences influence your decisions.
  7. Do not run your business in the same manner as you run your personal life.
  8. Always be professional and keep personal factors out business decisions.

When in doubt, if you find yourself questioning whether or not you made the right decision, there is usually an emotional influence in the equation.


Please feel free to post your thoughts on this topic, as well as your  struggles to separate emotions from decision making, or any lessons learned in this area.



How to Deal With A Difficult Client

A difficult client is every virtual assistant’s worst nightmare. These clients call excessively and are always changing their mind. These clients can be rude, disrespectful, and even worse, may want you to lower your rate. So how do you handle a client like this?

Stay Calm – This is one of the most important things that you can do when you’re dealing with a difficult client. It is also a lot easier said than done.  Try to remember that clients have bad days too, and maybe you’re the scapegoat. Above all else, do not lose your temper.

Losing your temper can cause you to say things you shouldn’t. This may not only cause you to lose the client, but it could damage your professional reputation.

Know What You’re Worth – It is easy to underestimate yourself. Decide what you are worth and do not let clients talk you into lowering your rates. A difficult client may try to get you to do more work than you initially signed on to do or may try to get you to accept less pay. They may try to do this in different ways and may even attempt to lay a guilt trip on you. Don’t fall for it. Stay strong, firm, and consistent with your rates. This way, you can earn the respect of even the most difficult clients.

Get It In Writing – Always have a contract. Make sure all the work you will do for your client is in the contract. If the client wants something different or wants to add something, then draw up a new contract to be signed. The contract is your protection. If the client is being difficult and refusing to pay by the date you had agreed upon, then the contract allows you to take the client to court if you have to.

Save everything that you do. If you write a correspondence letter, save a copy. Keep emails. Anything that you do for the client that you have a copy of, keep. This way clients cannot come back later claiming you didn’t do something and they do not have to pay or want it redone. You can simply show them that it was done. Never back down when you’re showing a client that you have done the work or let them bully you.

Sometimes, It’s Not Worth It – There are times when a difficult client is simply not worth it.

Sometimes you will be able to work with a client who is being a challenge because you can prove to them you are worth your rates. Difficult clients are sometimes the best ones to have – once you earn their respect.

Other times, a client is simply too difficult. Is that really worth the problems? In some cases, it might be. The pay and the project may be worth the hassle. In other cases, it isn’t worth it and you could replace the client. You may find a client who can pay less but is a lot less hassle. On the other hand, you may even find one who pays more and is a dream to work with.

What kinds of Tasks can my Virtual Assistant Do

You can have your virtual assistant do pretty much any task you can think of, provided they know how to do it.  Even if you are not sure if there is a task they can do, you can always ask them and see if they are capable of it.

Some examples of tasks Virtual Assistants complete for their clients:

–          Creating presentations

–          Answering phones

–          Data Entry

–          Billing

–          Marketing

–          Social Media updates

–          Customer Newsletters

–          Customer Service phone calls

–          Website updates

You can also find virtual assistants who specialize in certain areas such as web design.  This type of assistant would help you with all items that would be related to your website from design, SEO, promotion, maintenance and more.  Before engaging their services, ask them exactly what they can provide for you.

Another specialty for virtual assistants is real estate.  Your assistant can help you manage your listings and promote the properties that you are representing.  If you are looking for this type of assistant, it is best to find one who has worked in the industry as then they will understand the industry better.

Most people only think of virtual assistants as doing jobs that the typical secretary or administrative assistant would undertake, but in reality, the virtual assistant can do a lot more.  Anything that you would have an assistant for in the physical world, you can have an assistant for online.


Sharon has been writing online content since January 2010 for a variety of clients and content mills.  She enjoys writing on a variety of topics including entrepreneurship, crafts (specifically crochet) and finance.  If you want a writer who can be given some information and left on her own to complete it on time and to specifications, Sharon is the person you want.  To see her various online portfolios, visit Sharon’s website for more information.