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Can you really be a VA from anywhere?

This is a question I got in email the other day.  I thought I would share what I told the questioner. My answer is that you can be a virtual assistant form anywhere depending upon your niche.

As long as you have the tools you need to complete the tasks you are doing, and a way to communicate with your clients, and a way to deliver the product in a timely manner, then sure, you can be a virtual assistant from anywhere.

Since I changed my billing practices to task based, and really niched down my services, I have found that I am a lot more mobile today than I was a year ago. I can take my lap top, my F drive (external hard drive), my portable files, and just pretty much go anyplace.

But I don’t print things, I don’t take phone calls, and I don’t need to be stuck to my desk to function. Some Virtual Assistants, due to the nature of the tasks they offer, need to be in a full fledged office environment to properly conduct their jobs.

Now, there is some argument as to whether a Virtual Assistant who does not ONLY assist in administrative tasks is really a Virtual Assistant. I disagree that a Virtual Assistant only works administratively. An Administrative Virtual Assistant, sure, but a Content Virtual Assistant, no. So I see the term Virtual Assistant as a lot more broad in terms of what a VA can do.

Friday I will be going to the beach for a week. While I have every intention of being on vacation, I do plan to do some writing while I am gone, and I am thankful to have my lap top and F drive so that I have all my information. I will also bring my flip cam so my hope is to put up some videos here for you. I’ve been practicing so I am pretty sure I can bring you something good this time.

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