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Can Virtual Assistants have passive income?

As a virtual assistant most of your income is fee for service. But, as a VA can you have some income that is passive? And should you have some that is passive? Well, if you want to create some side income that doesn’t require trading hours for dollars then it is imperative that you do create some type of passive income. So, here are some ways you can have passive income.

1. Article Writing — Via many different article marketing sites you can make money from your content. You can also do this on your own blog if you have some advertising on your site.

2. Affiliate Sales — As long as you live in a state that has affiliate sales, you can start niche websites or blogs revolving around selling certain products and making a percentage of sales.

3. Information Products — If you’ve created info products for your clients then you can create them for yourself. Whether your product helps other virtual assistants, or moms, or another group entirely that’s not the important part. The important part is to get your idea out there and start promoting your product.

4. Recommending Products — You can also recommend tools and products to your client base. For instance, if you set up newsletters for your clients, you can recommend Aweber if they don’t have it yet, and use your affiliate link to do so. For instance I use Freshbooks and Momwebs and I promote these services to my clients and to all of you. When someone signs up I get a small payment.

Any virtual assistant who has assisted their clients in doing any of the above can find a niche for themselves and spend a little time each day on that passive income product as if that is a separate client of yours. Don’t let it distract you from earning money each week in your service business, but do work on it every work day for an hour or so. Before you know it, you’ll be receiving payments in your PayPal account for your efforts.


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