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Business doesn’t have to be rude

Today I noticed that my picture at the top of the blog (I removed it)  looked like someone else’s…. I was really upset so I posted to their forum that my logo looks a little like theirs.

I posted it on my own that it looks a little like someone else’s picture at the top of their discussion forum – only theirs is a picture of a real person who is juggling different things and the words are different.  But, it is  enough the same that I would take it down – even if it was not plagiarizing. It is very likely it really is copied which is a huge disappointment to me.

Since I paid to have mine made I was a little irritated but decided to post in that guru’s forum and say Look what I noticed today…..

So about five minutes later I get a really nasty phone call. I say nasty because when I realized who it was I was thinking “Oh she saw my post!” and I was happy she saw it, she’s either calling me to thank me for noticing, or calling me to make sure I take it down, and I said “Yea I know, doesn’t that….” and I was going to say suck. And I was going to say “Don’t worry I’m going to take it down and get a new one.” She was there first so I don’t mind at all. Of course I’ll take it down.

But, she would not let me talk and proceeded to try to intimidate me into telling her who made the logo for me, which I had planned to do all along. I actually thought it would be a great discussion to have on the forum about plagiarism.

Boy was I wrong.

She proceeded to threaten me (in a yelling voice) about legal action if I did not take it down. Which I was already in the process of doing and kept trying to tell her.  I hung up on her several times. (yes she called me back several times) I was really angry about it and a little more than upset because what could have been a very friendly business like exchange turned very nasty, very quick.

Of course, she’s blocked me from her forum. I’m not sure that is a very good punishment and reminds me more of a two year old throwing a temper fit than a professional business woman.

I can only guess that she feels I am some sort of competition to her. I just have this little blog here, in which I am an affiliate marketer for other people’s products, including having a link to her forum, which is removed.

I can only assume she’s become a little too big for her own good.  She thinks she’s better, more deserving of respect somehow.

I also deal with issues of plagiarism on a daily basis. I have to contact businesses and websites for my clients and for myself to have them pull down articles, images, etc… but I always start with the presumption of innocents. In this case she had an even larger reasons to know that I was innocent since I’m the one who alerted her to it via the message board. It would have done her no harm to close her mouth and listen for two minutes.

We would still be friendly, I would still be marketing her forum as I feel it is awesome and supportive, and no harm would be done and she and I could have dealt with the creator of the logo easily enough.

So remember, when you believe someone has harmed you, try listening to what they have to say. You might be surprised at what you hear and even make a friend or ally in the process. Bridges need not be burned immediately.

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  1. That sucks. I am sorry you had to deal with someone like that. Completely unnecessary attitude.

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