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Ideas about How to Build Your Own Virtual Assistant Website

You want to start your Virtual Assistant Business  and you’ve been told to get a website.  But how?

By all means you must do what you can afford and what is within your skill level, but in order to have a good and thriving business you must have a professional looking website. After all you are a “Virtual” Assistant so you must show that you are tech savvy. Even if you outsource it, you still need it.

Here are my recommendations based on the availability of funds and skill level.

Free and very Low Cost

No skills –

While completely free is not my best recommendation –  if that is all you can do on a temporary basis – do it – plenty of people have made it work starting out with a completely free site, or blog.

You can go to either: or – If you have a google email, sign into your google account and click on blogger. That is the fastest way. – Go here and sign up for a free account. It’s easy.

These will be your best  free options because neither of these services populate your blog with ads that make your site look tacky. While these are technically blogs – honestly – a blog is better than a free site builder that puts unwanted and competing ads on your site.

These are available for people with no skills (and no money!). Just follow the directions at sign up and go for it. It is a good way to get started if you have no skills and no money.

However,  if you can spend a few dollars and are not sure how to use these free programs you can sign up for some training and get 14 days free at VTC.

Some Website Skills  and Desire to Learn:

I highly recommend WordPress(tm). Go to to see all the tutorials about installing WordPress(tm) on your own or a rented server. These tutorials are free of charge.  It is not difficult to do and some hosts will install them for you – but honestly if you can follow step by step instructions you can likely install WordPress(tm) yourself as well as your choice of theme(s). The FEAR of technology can cause you to not try, but I promise you won’t break it.

The host  I use and most recommend is MomWebs.

They are friendly and have many levels of hosting. They are also very, very WordPress(tm) Friendly and you get a real person to help you when you need it.  I have had email requests answered at 2am! You seriously cannot beat that!

Also, the people who own it are Work at Home Moms. If you take advantage of their install service they can even install a Virtual Assistant blog for you that you can edit at your heart’s content.

Blog vs. Website

Let me say a thing or two about blogs vs. websites.

Honestly I personally do not see the difference these days. In the old days people often had what is now called a static website that never changed or rarely changed, (and was difficult to change) today most people have some version of a blog or blog/website hybrid.

To me, these hybrids are simply blogs with website elements and with WordPress(tm) you can have the best of both worlds with just a few clicks of the mouse and a little creativity.

One thing is certain, having a changing, professional looking, SEO optimized and dynamic site is important, so why not use the tools that make it easier to create this? As a Virtual Assistant you want to spend time on paid gigs, and making the site for yourself isn’t going to pay you immediately. So take the simplest route, that WORKS. WordPress ™ Works!

WordPress(tm) while often considered a blogging platform is a serious Content Management System (CMS) with loads of free and low cost themes available and a variety of free and paid “plug ins” available to make your site do what you want it to do.

Do not be intimidated by WordPress(tm) or the terminology I am using. You will pick it up and learn it. It took me less than 1 month to learn to use WordPress to the level where I can now put together a basic site without any customizations or special graphics in less than 1 hour! ( I am not a graphic person so I have to outsource those if I want them – yet another niche for a creative Virtual Assistant!)

Highly Skilled – Not Much Money – But a little Money

Guess what, I still recommend WordPress(tm) to build your site. If you use it for a while, you’ll quickly understand why. You honestly won’t want to use anything else!

If you are a fast learner and have a bit of money there are also people who you can hire to teach you WordPress(tm) and lead you through various steps if you need that help.

Alternatively you can join an online course or class. You can find these via the following links:

If you find that you enjoy learning WordPress(tm) and you would like to help others build WordPress(tm) Sites/blogs, consider joining  The Blog Evangelist Membership  because the lessons are completely AWESOME and it basically teaches you step by step how to start a business locally using WordPress(tm).  In addition a lot of insider tips that you won’t learn anyplace else. Also, your time to join is very limited, they are going to discontinue the course, but if you sign up you won’t miss out.

OK back to my point about building a Website for your VA Business.

No Skills – (or maybe you have skills, but no time) – Money Not an Issue

STILL I recommend WordPress(tm) there are many people out there who specialize in helping you build a WordPress Site for your VA business or really for any reason at all. My personal favorite business to use for this is: Freshnets

They can customize a WordPress(tm) Blog for you with great headers, graphics, and more.  They even have a club where you can pay a reduced fee on a monthly basis to get graphics made for your various websites. I am currently getting some done for a couple of my sites, if you want to see them just ask me. They aren’t done as of the writing of this blog so I don’t want to link to them right now.

By the way, the owner of Freshnets is ALSO a Work At Home Mom.  Do you see a theme here? I like working with other work at home moms. You should use them too when you have a reason to and I assure you, when they need something done you specialize in they will end up using you too eventually.

The Blog Customization is not part of the membership but once you get to the order form you will see an option for the customization. You can then un-click the club offer if you want and only pick one time services. If you have issues their customer service is excellent.

Now you see you have a variety of ways to build a website for your business. If you do not like WordPress(tm) here are some links to other types of services.

This is on the expensive site at first, but it is well worth it. I actually used this program the first time I ever built a site and I use many of the concepts today although I admit that I no longer use the service but I do highly recommend it for a “newbie”. It can be overwhelming so if you do sign up, please feel free to contact me and ask me questions if you don’t understand something. But a tip for you – do exactly what the instructions say and you will be successful.

This can be inexpensive and is a site builder, which a lot of people hate, but it can build a nice and useful site. The problem with site builders like this is that when you decide to move your site hosting it can be a pain, if it’s even possible, but if you like the builder, and find it simple to use, and it serves your purposes, why not? This one works nice and does what it says it will and has various levels of service depending upon your wallet. AND you can try it free.


Premium themes

Project Management Solution – This is what I use!

WordPress(tm) Links – this is the official WordPress(tm) site – this is the Blogging WordPress(tm) Site that you can get a free blog on. – If you want to start your own local blog design firm this is a GREAT way to start. I took the course and I love it. – This is a good starter if you are interested in blogging at all, and you should blog if you want to get traffic to your site

Groups  and organizations to join:

Mom Masterminds

Ebook about becoming a Virtual Assistant

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