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Be Your Own Best Client

I often tell new VAs to do this. But, what does it mean? Put simply, before you have a full client roster, you should be working for yourself as hard as you would any client that you have. If you have determined that you have five billable hours you can work in any given day, but you don’t have enough clients to make up those five hours yet, then you should be using that time for your business.

Create an Awesome Website

Your Website is your calling card online. This is especially true for a Virtual Assistant. Even if your tasks won’t involve helping someone with their website it’s imperative that you have a good website to show potential clients. Your website should include everything that you preach about to others. If you are telling clients they need regularly updated content, then your website needs regularly updated content. If you are telling your clients to use a particular product and you can find a way to use it yourself, you’ll have just that much more credibility.

Keep Your Social Media Accounts Updated & Active

Just opening a social media account isn’t enough. You have to also keep the profile updated, and the account active. Comment, share, like and retweet as much as you can when it’s relevant to your audience. Point your audience to new content you’ve created, brag about your job and clients. There is always something you can do on social media to make yourself stand out.

Develop Systems To Help You Work Smarter Not Harder

Take the time to create working solutions that make your daily tasks faster and easier. If you are promoting yourself as a social media expert, practice using the tools that you promote in a systematic way so that you truly become the expert on that tool or software. Systems always make everything work faster and better. While flying by the seat of your pants may seem to work better for you it really doesn’t. It’s just an illusion that will quickly break when you are truly full of clients and are lacking time.

Send Out Proposals Every Single Day

If you don’t have a full client roster, you should be using the time you have to answer request for proposals, and making contacts with people who might want to hire you. Even when you are full of clients,  it’s important to practice sending out proposals anyway, but it’s even more important when you don’t have a full client roster. Don’t wait for people to come to you, go after them.

If you work for yourself as hard as you work for any other client you’ll find that your business will improve dramatically. Before you know it, you’ll be full of clients, and finding ways to systematize everything so that you can take on even more clients. So, that is what I mean about be your own best client. Do for yourself what you want to do for others and you can’t help but succeed.

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