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Balancing summer vacation and work as a VA

Sometimes it can be very difficult to work at all during summer vacation if you’re used to your children being in school. But there are a few things you can do.

1) You can work while the children are sleeping

As a virtual assistant many of the tasks you do can be done during “off” hours while your children are sleeping. If you establish a bedtime of 8 or 8:30 pm that can give you a few hours at night to get work done. By keeping the kids extra busy and in motion all day long you can be assured they will fall asleep at night. Get some black out curtains for their room and a fan or other white noise maker to help them sleep better. And don’t forget nap time!

2) Get a Mother’s Helper

During the summer there are plenty of teenagers who would love to have a job helping you out.  You might be surprised at how inexpensive this option is. The teenager can keep the children entertained and supervised during working hours so that you can keep up your normal pace.

3) Outsource

Believe it or not, you can outsource some of your work. I do not suggest outsourcing entire client service, but a few of the tasks that require extra concentration can be outsourced. You can always find people within your network that would be happy to subcontract with you.

As a Virtual Assistant and business owner you have so many options to keep you in business for years to come. It only takes a bit of planning and reorganizing to make it through summer or any other “school out” days ahead.

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