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Are you dreaming big enough?

Today we had a great Monday Morning Break Through session at Solo Masterminds which has really inspired me. The topic was “Are you dreaming big enough?” Our host, Kelly McCausey gave the attendees some food for thought. Then I got to thinking about it and realized that these Monday Morning sessions really are like food. They are nourishment for our brains. The brain gets stimulated, and then we wake up and go about our week more informed, more excited, and more passionate about our business endeavors. It’s a great way to start the week and one of the reasons I joined then, Mom Masterminds, which has been re-branded to Solo Masterminds.

Now you know, normally my posts do not relate that much to product promotions other than an advert here and there to help support this blog, but today, I just have to promote Solo Masterminds as much as possible because without it, I would not be where I am now.  I didn’t need to learn to dream big through Solo Masterminds, but what I did need was concrete help making my dreams into goals and my goals into steps to achievement. I haven’t succeeded in ALL the ways I set out when I joined the group, but I have succeeded in other ways beyond my own expectations because I am now more focused. I know how to take a dream, and make it a reality. I would not know how to do that without Solo Masterminds.

I mean, I’ve graduated from graduate school and I can tell you for sure that the resources, the help, the cheering and yes, even the criticism (that makes you think!) and feedback is way more than I ever got in Grad School. I really can’t say enough about Solo Masterminds. But, one thing that is happening is March is the last month you can get in on the Monthly Payment Plan. It’s under 50 dollars a month for 12 months and then you’re a lifetime member. For your membership you get in on many great deals such as May Madness, JV Offers, and you get to visit the “water cooler” with super smart women who get you. As Kelly said today, “We women are just different.”  She’s right, and we need each other.

I know I can’t function without my Solo Mastermind Women. So, don’t miss out on the deal, if you’ve ever thought of joining. Solo Masterminds is one of the FEW if not the only membership site that has a lifetime membership after 12 months of paying. Starting in April though the 12 monthly payments will be gone forever and you’ll have to buy the lifetime membership in one payment with occasional three payment options.

Let me be clear about what Solo Masterminds has meant to me financially. If you really participate, and really read the educational materials, and get involved like I have, you will take your business to a whole new level. I went from barely squeaking by to paying off all consumer debt, to now planning to break ground on a new house in 2013 that we will pay cash for, yea that’s right NO mortgage.

Anyway so think about it, and if you want to join, do so. For those who make it through to the YEAR membership and join due to this article, email me and let me know. I’m going to offer graduates a special gift but we can talk about that later.  Check it out.

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