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Virtual Assistant Moms is a website  for Moms who are Virtual Assistants or who would like to be Virtual Assistants. VA Moms seeks to keep you up to date on all the neat tools, online and off, that you can use to get your business going and keep it going.

123stephheadshotStephanie is a Virtual Assistant, a Content Writer, a mom and a wife.

Being a Virtual Assistant not only got me through being  a single mom, and graduate school but being a VA helped me and my family thrive.

Today, it still supports me now that I’m remarried and we are trying to buy a small “retirement”  house. We’ve paid off numerous debts and are now debt free other than one car, and my student loans.

I raised three kids as a single mom, lived in two countries, two states and three cities,  went to college, got remarried in 2008, inherited a 4th child, and went to graduate school all while working from home.  Working from home as a Virtual Assistant is a real career choice that can help you reach all of your dreams.

The trick is knowing what direction to go.

Being a “Virtual Assistant” can mean many different things. It can mean you’re doing administrative tasks, consulting, website support, and many other services and tasks. You can call yourself whatever you want, but if you are providing some sort of support to other business owners, you’re technically a VA and anything we talk about on this site can help you in your business.

Today, I focus all my work on Content.

I focus all my work helping clients produce content for their websites. It doesn’t matter if their main business is fully online or an offline bricks and mortar business, I can help them come up with content that helps them get visitors to their site.

Stephanie is a proud member of Solo Masterminds and invites you to join her.

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