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A day in the life of a vamom

I thought it might be interesting to see what a day in the life of a Virtual Assistant mom is like.

I’d love it if you’d all share your day in the life experiences here. Mine is probably very different from yours since my children are older.

10 am get up out of bed – yup lol

I take a nice long shower, and then get dressed. I go into the kitchen. I enjoy a nice breakfast of grapes and bananas and a large glass of water. Check my email as I enjoy  my breakfast, pop on the TV news.

The house is quiet because my husband and my youngest of my four daughters is at school. Only my 17 year old lives at home now, she’s a junior in high school. She drives and works so the last time I saw her was when she kissed me good bye before work while I was still sleeping.

About 11:30 or so I look at my schedule and see what projects are due for work. This is simple because it’s all in my calendar so I just open the calendar and work on whatever is in the calendar for work.

About 2pm or so I make sure to get out of my chair . I’m working on getting out of the chair a lot sooner, ten minutes after each hour and move around, but as normal I forget to do it. I get up quickly, stand up and stretch and start quickly cleaning up the living room, dining room, and the kitchen. It’s not that bad because we don’t typically leave dirty dishes over night, but this is just a way for me to move around. I decide to wash a load of laundry.

I look at the fridge to see what we’re eating tonight, yes, it’s posted. My husband is cooking this month and I have to keep a list so he does not forget. He only cooks on nights his daughter is not working. She’s working. This means we’ll enjoy a quick easy salad for dinner. I am relieved. I feel guilty when he cooks. Even though I work from home and I am a full time student.

I grab a bottle of organic juice. Not exactly the raw food I’m trying to eat more of, but it’s close. Just strawberries and bananas are in the bottle though it is pasteurized. The entire bottle is less than 400 calories and it’s 8 servings. I’ll drink it all.

I go back to the computer, it’s now about 2:30 pm. I look at my school calendar to see what assignments I need to work on. I start working on whatever it says to work on. I am glad that I create these calendars so that I can easily work on things without worrying about missing a deadline. I simply work on each day the minimum that I put on the calendar. If I finish before my day is done then I get to do blogs like this one or on some of my other niche sites.

I quickly check my work email to make sure I have no fires to put out. Answer a quick client question and keep working on my home work until about 3:30 or 4pm when I am startled by my husband returning home from work. I’m shocked that I sat here again for too long without moving. I get up and give him a big kiss and hug.

I abandon all that I am doing to spend some time with my husband. Sometimes if the weather is nice we go for a walk. It’s not been nice lately so we just talk. I tell him about my day so far. He tells me about his. He goes to look at the dinner list. I tell him that his daughter is working. He said “Oh okay do you want to go out instead of eating salad, get out of this house?” I say “YES” so I go and get ready.

We get home about 8pm. We read some funny things on the computer, or we might watch a show. About 9:30 or 10:00 pm my husband goes to bed. He works Sat – Wednesday so I do too.¬† So I go back to work / school after he goes to bed. Our daughter gets home about 9:30 from work. If David is not in bed, we both talk to her, but sometimes he’s already fallen asleep! So I talk to her for a few minutes before she rushes in to do her homework. She’s a busy young woman.

After husband either falls asleep on couch or goes to bed, I work through the night on more work and school, checking the calendars and doing what needs to be done. If I get done early I work on a blog on my niche sites, or my eBook.

I go to bed about 3am. Then it begins again.

I used to try to work on other people’s schedules from 8 to 5 but that just does not work well for me. I am always finding that if I just work on my work and school work (I go online via the University of Alabama) in my own way I tend to do a lot better, produce more quality work and I am more successful too.

My calendar is set so that if something happens, say the day is sunny and I want to get out instead of work, I can. I get my assignments and work done in advance and submit it to clients and teachers on the due date. Only very occasionally have I pulled an all nighter due to a deadline and that is usually for school and not work. I pull all nighters because that is how I work best. I’m a night person. Plain and simple.

I don’t typically have to stay up fri/sat/sun/mon nights with my schedule unless I have a lot of school work, but it’s just when I work best.

How do you work? What is your day like?

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