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How to Delight Your Clients and Make them Fall in Love with You

One of the most important aspects of doing business online is to develop lasting relationships with your target audience. Not only that the relationship should be mutually beneficial so that in the end you have both reaped the rewards of the … [Read more]

How to Be Successful Reaching Any Goal

Being successful is not something that just falls out of the sky. It’s not something that will happen automatically, and rarely happens by accident, no matter what people say. Success happens because someone set a goal, worked toward meeting that … [Read more]

Charging What You’re Worth and Getting It

There have been many discussions lately on Facebook discussion groups about low pay for Virtual Assistants. Many VAs wonder how they can compete with VAs in other countries who charge 1 to 2 dollars an hour, or writers who charge 1 dollar a page, or … [Read more]

Can Giving Free Consultation Build Your List – Doable 27

Here we are at doable 27 of the 'Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables' Blog Tour. Yesterday we learned how to use JV Giveaways as a list builder.  It is definitely worth a read if you haven't set on up on your site yet. A full list of the blogs we … [Read more]

Why Certification Helps You Land Great Clients

There are many reasons why you might want to become a certified virtual assistant. But the most common reason that a virtual assistant chooses to become certified is so she can get more clients and more lucrative work. Whether you work with … [Read more]