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Finding Your Ideal Client

When you make the choice to become a virtual assistant it can be an exciting time. You finally start getting clients and the money starts coming into your PayPal account and you're feeling good about that. But you're not satisfied because you are … [Read more]

Should You Really Do It All?

As a virtual assistant you are probably often asked to do a variety of tasks for your clients, but should you really try to be a "jack of all trades"? You've seen the ads for VA needed that ask for a lot of skills all the way from video editing, … [Read more]

“Opportunities don’t come knocking, they catch you when you’re out and about.”

A friend of mine said this the other day in a Facebook discussion. It really struck me as something important because there are a few things I struggle with when it comes to networking. The quote really struck me because what she says is true. … [Read more]

What Are Your Intentions?

I was listening to Kelly's Solo Smart Podcast number 91 with Amanda Cook and she said something that really got me to thinking about starting a business and the difference between those who make money, and those who don't. It Comes Down to … [Read more]

New Podcast — Don’t miss the special offer

Welcome to "It's Your Story, Share It!" hosted by Stephanie Grams, owner of introduces Stephanie Watson-Barry. Mrs. Barry is a frequent guest on our show has a special offer for all virtual assistants!   Join us at Solo … [Read more]